Friday, November 07, 2003

Good morning, from the Tree House!

We feel perched up here in our wood paneled nest with trees all around. Around the house is the amusing California variety of flora, including; a rubber tree, an oak, a Canary palm, apple and plum trees, a sweet gum, a huge euphorbia ( a cactus like member of the poinsettia family,) and several of the peeling paper-bark trees. The fit is somewhat snug, but our RV training has us conditioned to tighter spaces. Also, we might considering further purging of STUFF!

Feeling amused by the sensation of legitimacy in society since our phone lines were installed yesterday. We have a phone number, therefore we exist. Sigh. And internet too, which means even bolder evidence of our presence. William just walked in to the office and gave a rare gasp of awe, "We have internet?!" Yes, internet and email, cable television, propane, running water, trash service, a mailbox key, and the old microwave from Geoff's office. We are seriously settling in.

Speaking of settling in, the boys are happy here. Max likes the stairs and closets and the long driveway where he can peddle his bicycle. William likes the small and cozy feel of the house. He settles himself under the stairs with books to read. Alex wants to paint the utility closet and claim a corner of it for his own. Yesterday he used our camera to record last memories of El Rancho, but he is well on his way to enjoying good times here. We can't find our knives, forks and spoons. And many of the rooms are corridors with boxes stacked and wrapping spilling out, but we are progressing at a commendable pace. The boys had friends over last night, Adam and Jacob. The big boys were creating their own computer games upstairs, and downstairs, Max and I played Pokemon Sorry! Nice evening at home.

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