Saturday, November 29, 2003

A Quiet Morning at Ojo de Agua

Max and Misifu on my lap.
The vaqueros preparing to bring vacas from Onapa.

Ay caramba! I still feel like I am in another time zone; distinct in space and time. I sort of started unpacking and doing laundry, then I made believe that I can't finish doing laundry without fabric softener, and I can't go for supplies because who wants to be at Target on Black Friday? So domestic progress is in limbo. I did enjoy a visit from friends though. Anne, Jacob and Adam came for post Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. We enjoyed a relaxing visit, and I got the chance to try describing our adventures in Tacupeto. Max and Anne played a game of Othello. William, Alex, Jacob and Adam immersed themselves in BIONICLE lore and then chocolate chip cake.

In Tacupeto I felt a long way away from modern living; it was liberating. We had an easy pace and made time for conversation and introspection. We got down to basics. As Geoff so observantly noted: "Tacupeto is about fire and food."

Fire and food, nurturing, warmth

and companionship. In Tacupeto, there are no souvenirs like T-shirts or postcards, but I hope I have brought home a greater appreciation for informal visits, long hikes to quiet places, watching ants, recalling times of joy, making use of ready resources...I look forward to times when friends drop by and we laugh together, share a meal, and enjoy uncalculated simplicity and genuine warmth. Well, maybe I already enjoy these pleasures, at home, and away, but I am even more grateful to recognize how much I love my life.

Fire and Food.

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