Saturday, March 20, 2004

"Happiness doesn't depend on outward things,
but on the way we see them." Leo Tolstoy

Sharing "Art;" read Ray and Reid at JimFormation · I've been thinking ...

The two articles about photos on the web and personal blogs hit close to home. I have more than 5,000 amateur photographs and I have shared many of them here. I suppose none of them is worthy of hanging on a gallery wall, but they make me happy. They recall a moment or a feeling that was good. Certainly none of my pet pictures or cute kids in the park photos are Art, but I think for my family and a few friends posting them on the web makes it fun to stay in touch.

Caution: Naked Truth Ahead
Here is one of those insights or realizations that will make my mother say, with a knowing grin: "Ah, payback." My children have learned everything I did not know I was teaching them, and they have learned it well enough to play it back for me. So for every meltdown and temper tantrum I have ever had they have given me more. For every time I raised my voice (read: screamed with eyes bursting in crazed rage) they have yelled and hollered and raged. They learned how to cry in frustration and despair in the face of setbacks great and minor. No matter how much praise and poetry I have sung to their precious ears, they still detect, like sharks to blood, the infrequent "shit!" or "damn it!" They are as messy as me. They make excuses, like me. They roll their eyes and stomp up and down the stairs. They deny my brilliant suggestions. They are certain that somewhere there is an easier, better, kinder, more just, cleaner and beautiful wait, that's my hang-up... Damn, this job is tougher than shit.

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