Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Whuts write: Having smart gurlfrends that stay in touch. Holly 'xplanyed it all to me:

Subject: "An e-mail that's NOT selling you sex enhancers, mortgages, or weight loss... Do you know why most spam e-mail is rife with spelling and grammatical errors? (Do you? do you?) It's another evil trick spammers use to get around anti-spam filters, which are often designed to recognize certain words and phrases. So, the pond-scum who flood our e-mail accounts with their unwanted crap will insert random characters and words into the subject line."

Subject: "Get a big xxx on low-rate mortgage Prozac while losing wait..." from Anne, who is suggesting we delve in to some flower therapy. She's back from a rejuvenating weekend, and full of good ideas.

I was enjoying smug satisfaction in believing that I could spell and write more gooder than all them spammers and African dignitaries with Swiss bank account tie ups. Turns out they are pretty darn near genius.

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