Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Easter countdown is in full effect here at the Tree House. Max woke up and announced "3 days to Easter!" Then he grabbed a pine cone and said, "It's time to decorate. Don't you agree? Mom, you can decide, but you have to choose one of three ideas: 1. Decorate the pine cone 2. Paint the pine cone 3. Or color the pine cone. Then we can hang it in the kitchen, but I think we need to find more pine cones."

Good morning. What ever happened to just "good morning?"

William and Alex came in with more agendas. I need to sew three big patches on to three thick Taekwondo uniforms. "When are you going to sew our patches?" This will have to be done by hand, unfortunately, because my machine hasn't performed effectively in many months. Feel sorry for my fingers, which will soon be very tender. Or...I wonder where the stapler is...

Back to Easter...We have no Easter decorations. Maybe there are a few things, but they are certainly packed, and inaccessible. It's good that we have somewhat established a tradition of spending Easter at Holly and Rich's house, because Easter always manages to sneak up on me. I never feel quite prepared to come face to face with pink and other pastels, to serve ham, or shop for a new dress. As for the religious factor, I would like to just sit in a peaceful corner and reflect in quiet meditation. At least this year I have done my part to assist the E. Rabbit, and no meltables were left hidden in the car.

Poor pine cone. I have always found sea shells and pine cones to be some of the most abused artifacts of nature when it comes to arts and crafts. Glue and glitter, and no amount of paint could ever improve the look of a pine cone. Think, think...I do have a jumbo bag of cotton balls. Maybe we could cut out bunny shapes and glue them all over with furry cotton balls. Maybe we should go ahead with egg coloring today. Anne was here just two days ago with an offer to pick up anything from Michael's since she had to go. If only I had a plan.

Good news: Stretching across the dinner table I dipped my white shirt into the vinegar and olive oil, and the stain came out!! It's some kind of sign.

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