Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Half-Way There

We've been making lemonade. And apple pie. And peach cups. And fruit salads. Our trees have produced plums and apricots, a few nectarines and bushels of apples. The apples are sweet-tart; great for snacking, and even tastier when baked. Our friend and neighbor, Tamsyn, has been sharing blackberries, lemons, grapes and peaches from her yard. I miss having a vegetable garden, but we have had a lot of fun and delicious treats from the well established orchards in our own yards.

Half way there; that's the baby countdown for this week. Well before Christmas, and some time after Thanksgiving we'll be making a special holiday of our own, when the Papaya makes her entrance. I saw my doctor this morning, and as usual he made me feel like a maternal champion. "How are you feeling?" is what they ask at each visit. I answer honestly and with some frustration, "Large and tired." But my doctor just puts his hand on my shoulder, and says, "That's great. Everything is just how we'd hope, and you're doing wonderfully." "I like your spin, " I tell him, as I try to absorb his enthusiasm for the situation.

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