Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thanks to Sara at Going Jesus for finding and sharing the real news and worthwhile content on the web. I'll have to rate it PG 13 (for language and questionable links to other subjects): The KFS Sweater Project.

Not too much going on around here. We have been blissfully mellow. We did have a traditional Thanksgiving feast. It took many hours to prepare; not because of degree of difficulty or quantity of food, but because I move very slowly. Fortunately, most of it was prepared last week, and frozen. Max got his Ramen Noodles, and Geoff made clover leaf rolls. Holly, Rich and Nicholas came over after a restaurant buffet feast with Rich's family. And we played the traditional Pilgrim games, like "inflate and release the balloon."

Yesterday was equally low key. Max made a plead for buying a Christmas tree in 3 or 4 days, and much to his surprise his daddy suggested we get the tree that night... kid delight! No crowds, no rain, no problems, no pain. We found our ideal tree: Very tall, but not too wide. Geoff (6' 2") says it's average, and I (5' 5") say it's hugemongous. With guidance from their dad, Max and Alex did the decorating while I watched from the couch. I was very happy. Alex and Max were happy. Geoff was happy. William, watching Harry Potter 3, was happy too.

How would you define "early labor?" See, according to all the books I've read, I am in early labor. She really should be here by now. As a matter of fact even the doctor wants our next appointment to be at the hospital, because "she is so close." Naturally we have been in suspense since Monday. And Papaya? Well, she's just kicking back, enjoying the family mellowness. Everything is in readiness. We have a stroller, and a tree, a baby pack and diapers, the bags for me, her, and the guys are packed and in the Odyssey, and I am even very close to finishing the last quilt... so, any day now...

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