Tuesday, December 28, 2004

There were very many presents to discover, but some presents stand out more than others, and not always for obvious reasons. At this time in my life when sleep is a dream, and cooking is an Olympic event, this gift from aunt Carol has been the most appreciated and celebrated: Behold the ginormous tin of popcorn:

This is no ordinary tin o'corn. It is from State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. It is fresh, flavorful, filling and fulfilling. It brings gladness and hours of merry munching. It is also empty. Must I return to the kitchen and try my hand at homecooking? NO. There is a phone number on the inside of the lid. By the grace of God and all that is merciful, they must ship.

We love our new toys and games, the books, REI gift cards, S'more supplies, tea bags, lotions, Maps on CDs, and the citrus juicer, but we will have the strength, energy and stamina to appreciate all these blessings better, when a new shipment of popcorn comes overnight delivery.

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