Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Beautiful Bandon

"It's a small world after all..." that's the sound of me singing. Janece, from Workings of The Mind, spent her holidays in Coos Bay and made a visit to Bandon. Bandon! Little, remote Bandon, where my Mommy lives. Jeepers. I love it when small things make me happy. So, I am sitting here and marveling at a minor miracle. What fun.

We were in Bandon during the Cranberry festival and we made it in to town in time for the parade. Humboldt State U. sent their awesome marching band, The Lumberjacks. The back of their shirts reads: Kiss my Axe.

Janece's father took a beautiful Bandon picture that shows their lovely lighthouse. Here is my favorite shot of boats in the harbor.

Going to Bandon? Be sure to find Stan's Place and order anything from the breakfast menu... leave room for a croissant.

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Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!

Okay - next time I'm there - I'm going to try Stan's Place. In the meantime, I'll tell my aunt and uncle who live in Coos Bay to try it out the next time they are in Bandon.

Everytime we go to Bandon, we always end up buying some Bandon cheese. In fact, I was snacking on some extra sharp white cheddar from Bandon just yesterday. Yum.

I had a great time visiting the Second Street Gallery too. They had some talented artists on display. I got in a conversation with one of the employees and ended up taking a card. I'm going to contact them about showing/selling some of my artwork. If that happens, I'll be back to Bandon sooner versus later. ;)