Monday, March 07, 2005

In California we call this a lake...

In California we call this a lake, but really it's only a reservoir, and until a few weeks ago it was a nearly empty reservoir. I can remember in the olden days when this lake went as far as the east side of Interstate 15, but most recently it has been so low that trees were taking over the expanding shore line and boats could no longer moor at the dock. It's fed by quite a few rivers, creeks and streams, which helped it fill to overflowing much sooner than I thought possible. All the water is rushing west to Del Mar and Dog Beach. The dam was built in 1910... better check that fact... no maybe it was 1918... I'll read this Lake Hodges article later and get the story straight.

We had to drive out to see the sight of water flowing over the dam. It looks awesome, especially for people accustomed to drought and imported water. Geoff hiked passed the private property/no trespassing signs for a better look; he took the kids with him, reasoning you can't ticket a nice guy with a bunch of kids. His plan worked, and they sat for an album cover style portrait.

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Anonymous said...

While we sit up here in Seattle with our super-low river levels and early drought warnings! Ironic, eh? Please send back our rain, we don't know what do about this bright orange fire orb in the sky, it hurts our eyes.