Sunday, July 31, 2005


Happened, and happening.
My mom was here and she accomplished quite a bit. She helped her cousin Mary, she hung out with Hans and Gretchen, she kept appointments, and she made her first ever visit to LEGOLAND. Max would tell you that being at LEGOLAND with his grandma was the best part.

We saw March of the Penguins and enjoyed it very much. It seems to me that there were more movies like this one in theaters when I was a kid. It was what these days I would expect to see on PBS or some cable channel. It was a pleasant surprise to see a good, interesting, nonblockbuster, nonDisney movie in an air-conditioned theater.

Yesterday we were picnicking with Deanne and James and Sammy the Dog. It was really nice, low-key, relaxing... we shared good food, and engaging conversation. Sam amused us with his doggy actions and sensibilities.

This week Max will turn 7! The party is Saturday. He wants coffee cake. Coffee cake with cinnamon crumble topping. His theme is reptiles and amphibians and he has a black dragon piñata that he wants to fill with peanut butter cups and sugar free gum.

What else is happening? Mom and grandma are driving back to Oregon and berries and jewelry making. Geoff's game is getting closer and closer to publication, so much so that we have actual plans to leave on a vacation. Geoff and William go to the last night of their extension class this week. Did I mention? William got 96% on his midterm. Tamsyn just returned from her second summer trip, but she leaves again for 3 more weeks; hot summer days are a bit slow and sad without a friend next door. Alex and Max are still working on the castle, but they are in a bit of a slump since they need more bricks.

My camera battery is working. And I would have shared pictures from our picnic or LEGOLAND, but now there is a problem with the cable. I cannot download new pictures to the computer.

I feel a haircut coming on. It happens this way every few years. Suddenly I realize that my long hair fantasy is clashing with my split end reality. It's time for short. And I will regret the shortness soon after, because short cuts require maintenance, and I don't do maintenance. Geoff thinks I should dye my hair red to match my glasses. I must have issues. I feel very insecure about my hair now. Does he think I have too much gray? Does he prefer redheads? And what about maintenance? I'm lucky to get a shower. When will I be finding time and pride to get my brown and gray roots touched up red? Red? In my teens I did an eggplant rinse. It was fun and very temporary. But he said DYE. Permanent dye. Wounded ego... it raises an interesting topic that I may touch upon someday... how long do I intend to go *natural* while everyone else is not?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Geoff doesn't realize there are non-permanent hair colors that are lovely for those few years when we have only a few gray hairs. You look great with short hair, by the way.