Sunday, July 24, 2005


Natalie, and Aunt Mary holding Maria, my Mom, Alex and Max,
William, Hans and Gretchen...

We were at Hans and Gretchen's place last night, enjoying their new backyard, and Hans' new photo iPod. Both the backyard and the iPod were great. Their yard had been a concrete jungle, with a small, very deep pool, and now it is green and clean, with a sweet little pond in the corner. Max loved feeding the many fish swimming in the sparkling cool. They also got a built in cook center. Hans honored us with his grilling skills. The iPod, plugged in to the television, delivered a slide show with their vacation and adventure photos, family pictures, old pictures that were scanned in and a number of shots from Hans' day job.

Earlier in the day we were at my nephew Jacob's first birthday party, and today we are going to friend Adam's 10th birthday celebration. I wish I could write more, but it's the demands of everything else that are leaving me short of time. Time to throw some laundry at the washer, toss refuse out of the mini van, count clean diapers, find tape, breakfast, check Tamsyn's dogs, present shopping, lunch... Gretchen is racing today. So am I, sort of.

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Janece said...

Gorgeous group photo. You and your Mom have similar smiles... very warm and friendly.

Hope the laundry is handled for the time being. I think it's my turn now... laundry and some house cleaning... ;)

Take care!