Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Souvenirs from Kalopa... wish we were there.

Geoff is home. He was away 4 days. We missed him.

He says it rained a lot in Hilo, that there were good enchiladas at the Pumpkin Festival in Waimea, and that Ruth is looking forward to retirement. Gracie and Pearl, the kitty sisters, ate the dried tuna flakes Chango sent them. He went to a barn warming party, and played tennis at HPA. He did not see Clint Eastwood, but at the HPA auction he could have bid on the autographed Million Dollar Baby poster.

He also looked at homes and lots. One lot in particular has got both of us intrigued. It's 5 acres with a gulch along one boundary. It has a beautiful ocean view. Though I have not seen the actual property, I know the area well enough to recall the sweet smell of the old cane fields, and the fruit on the guava trees that grow along the gulch. I know that at that elevation the tropical heat is subdued and pleasant. It rains there; I like that. It's near Ruth and Corm, and town, and a bigger town and not too far from Hilo; I like that too. Five acres is plenty roomy. Room for four children and chickens and Chango, and whoever might come by. Room enough to garden. Room enough to run around and get dizzy, if you are so inclined. Alex says, "If it's near Tutu and Grampa Corm, and it's for sale, then buy it. Just buy it." William agrees. Max reminds us about our promise to take him to Ikea so he can outfit his own room with his own furniture.

There's room for Midnight the horse.

Gee. So I guess all that stands in our way is a willingness to take a huge leap of faith, employment, a tremendous amount of planning, and some work... and that's just to move there. Then we would have to build a house...

Flower. Horizon. Ocean. Would you visit us here?
Didn't Geoff bring home pretty pictures?

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Janece said...

Would we visit you there??? That's a silly question! :)