Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bad cabbage. I am not going to read too much in to this, but I had planned to make a salad this morning. I prepared most of the ingredients, and I was feeling good about my healthy choices, then I realized that the cabbage had gone bad. When cabbage *goes* bad it never returns.

Our other option is oatmeal. Maria will eat oatmeal. Max will eat oatmeal if I make it with raisins, but then pull the raisins out. If you are thinking "That's crazy," you're right, and you probably have very little idea about living with Asperger's. Sometimes things work out. Maria loves extra raisins.

Bob, the landlord, came by on Sunday. He came with his wife and two kids. They wanted to scope out the yard, so they can begin to make their plans. They want to build an addition and call this place home... it served as a friendly reminder that time is running out and we need to be moving along.

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