Sunday, January 15, 2006

Maybe I am underestimating the cold. My cold is making my body ache, and my eyes feel heavy, light sensitive. Maria does not have a fever any more, so I feel some relief about that. Actually none of the children have complained recently. I guess I am the last whiner. Just a thought: Maybe I should go to sleep at 9 or 10 tonight and stay clear of the Scrabble game.

Did I ever mention that I have joined the George Foreman Grilling ranks? Yup. I am a lean, mean, fat reducing, grilling, machine master. I saw Anne has one and she likes hers, except for clean up time, because the unit can't sit in water. For my birthday my mommy sent me an online shopping certificate. I shopped around, considered my needs, interests and deepest dreams... I thought the grill could come in handy in case I were moving to an Island, living in a garage and building a house. And this particular model has cooking plates that come out, so clean up is a snap! I never say *clean up is a snap,* but there's a first time for everything. I like my grill. It cooks evenly. It doesn't manage a huge quantity of food, but it's efficient enough to compensate.

On the menu tonight: Chicken teriyaki, brown rice and steamed vegetables.
Dinner is cooking right now, as I write. Thank you mom and Ron. Thank you George.

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