Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Zoo day. We met Holly, Rich, Nick and Izzy and their neighbor friend, Riley. The zoo was fun, but according to Max it was not as fun as running around his cousin's yard and soaking up the H2O from Mt. Tiki-soki... more on that later.

Okay, Tiki-soki aside, who can resist a baby meerkat? Pure cuteness.

Maria enjoyed seeing the sights and getting around on her own. She did need a boost from Alex to become a butterfly.

Alex is experimenting with charcoal. He did several animal sketches at the zoo, including this snake. I'll post a completed picture soon.

I guess those weren't so very random. Maybe I just feel kind of random, vague, unsettled. Between the heat and my natural instinct for failure, I have not been making much progress on the home-front. Our washer died. I've had to switch deodorants twice and I still stink. My phone charger will not reveal itself. The pump in the spare bathroom is toast, as are most of the light-bulbs in the house... it just goes on and on.

Okay. Let's share something positive... Max, Alex and William are all signed up for computer camps. They start next week. Geoff is looking in to getting them in drawing classes again. Geoff is taking a drawing class through work, and his teacher has a studio nearby. What else... Ruth and Jim are coming from Hawaii at the end of August, and before that there is a baby shower up north for Alison and Bill's bundle. And of course we're finalizing party details for Max's upcoming 8th birthday. As for good luck, we won a 2 night stay at a local resort, and even more impressive: Alex won a design contest in the Lego Magazine. His original creation will be published in the July issue and he got a big gift certificate for free Legos. He's sharing credit with Max and Tamsyn.

Yes, it feels good to accentuate the positive, and I'd like to write more, but it's still freakin' hot. Too hot, so I am going outside. When I come back I hope to find a word or two from you, because I like news and updates, feedback, perspectives, stories, insights, jokes, party invitations, get well cards and even a little gossip now and then... You've heard this one: *I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time.*

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Tarie said...

BEAUTIFUL picture of Maria as a butterfly. =D =D =D And congratulations to Alex! Man, he is good! =) By the way, here in the Philippines we are experiencing typhoons/monsoons. It's actually flooding. Classes were suspended today because of the storm/s! We are experiencing perfect hot chocolate-snuggle in bed-read a good book weather. =)