Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I guess the answer is: I should quit the diet coke. Yea, I am feeling deep and moody.

Personal dreams are not as important as daily responsibilities. I think dreams can be the inspiration for facing and meeting our responsibilities. For instance, I want a home of our own. I could get a house by signing a 50 year mortgage, but that only jeopardizes our security and compromises our peace of mind. I can't deny the sensibility of waiting, and while I wait, saving, planning and anticipating. My responsibilities successfully fulfilled will, hopefully, hasten a dream coming true.

Freedom is not a right, it is a privilege and a gift. There is no inherent, cosmic promise for freedom, though I wish it could be so. I wish we could all take off and see the world from a bicycle, or glide along tranquil rivers in green canoes. I wish there were no hunger, disease or war. By fortune or by effort I enjoy a great deal of freedom, and it's a daily struggle to balance in my heart and mind what freedom I am entitled to and what freedom I am accepting at the expense of others. I have worked for an hourly wage, and paid my own way. I have traded my skills for food and shelter, and I have been dependent on my parents, and friends. When we are dependent I think we must be aware that our freedom is compromised and that we are infringing on the freedom of those who support us, so in exchange we must nurture and support, show interest and care for our benefactors. It's not enough to expect our needs to be fulfilled, to insist on freedom and to demand of others what we are not willing to earn for ourselves. When we are able we must share our skills, our hearts and our time, so that all can enjoy the prospect of freedom.

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Whoa, diet Coke never had that effect on me! While you are de-toxing, read this:

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