Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I thought backing off on Chickenblog would be good for something... maybe distancing myself, maybe shutting up, maybe having more time to play online games... but I miss sorting out events, recording the daily doings, goings and showings. I realize the kids like the regular reflections on where we've been and the interesting points along the way. Blogging is sometimes trivial, sometimes whiney or shallow, but as I cruise the archives at Chickenblog I have found that blogging has also been a time capsule of our highs and lows. Chickenblog keeps track of good times and reflects on what we have done with our days and months. I like that I can be reminded that we had chickens and we were snowed in on a roadtrip, that we saw bison, elk, prairie dogs and redwoods. We oversaw the construction of a swimming pool, we ice skated at the beach and rapelled Stonewall Peak.

I haven't blogged much lately and perhaps a year from now it will seem like that there was a gap in our lives, a lull. No lull here! We've been very busy, but I haven't been writing and I miss it.

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