Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ahhhk! That's the sound I make when I am juggling on a tightrope, blindfolded, drunk and somewhat dazed. I think every few months I make some comment about the date... as in: OMG I can't believe it's January 17th! Or how about the fact that this is 2007. I'm still writing 2006 on checks, I discovered today. What's up with France and Britain joining forces? Fritain? Anyway, I am here and feeling overwhelmed and a bit punchy. I am aware that school culture has completely taken over what little remained of my thought processes. Someone didn't do the dishes or write my friends thank you cards for salvaging my birthday. I am out of touch, desperately in need of exfoliation and an extreme make-over. Really, feel free to nominate me for the Baggy Lady Miracle Overhaul and Ass-Kicking. I alternate between my one pair of jeans and the skirt that was meant to be "singularly beautiful," and not "singularly the only thing I wear besides my jeans."

All randomness and whining aside, my kids are amazing and fill me with awe and wonder, so I will carry on, and Geoff... he is amazing. Geoff is a guiding light, a force of goodness and will. And now I am going to help with homework.

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