Friday, January 12, 2007

Three seasons. Three places.
Can you guess where in the world these came from?

I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The first image comes from the Island of Hawaii, where Tutu and Grampa Corm have built a beautiful home, with maturing trees and two cats that roam from sunrise 'til supper. They hung a reflection ball in the banyan tree.

The second picture is a prize winning photograph, first prize actually, and it comes from Oregon. Grandma BooBoo submitted her photograph of the trail at Sweet Creek to the Oregon Coast Photographers' Association. She may call herself a "point and shoot" photographer, but I think she's masterful.

And too bad we aren't on the Oregon coast right now, then we could be playing in the snow in Grandma BooBoo and Grampa Ron's front yard. I don't know how rare snowfall is where they live. I do know they were enjoying the beauty of it.

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