Friday, February 16, 2007

I should get up, stretch and breathe cold air. I’ve been continuing my project: Updating Chickenblog archives. It is a very time consuming process that includes labeling each post and changing the URL for photographs. So far I have finished every entry from May 2002 through May 2004. Yikes. I wrote a lot. The label system is a nice addition. At the end of every post you will find a label, which is a link that will bring up all other posts on the same topic. Sometimes it’s not easy deciding on a key word to sum up the deep thoughts of the day and I am trying to limit the number of subject heading labels. Keep it simple.

The photographs were tied to an old URL and are now being transferred to our ‘home’ address. The bummer is that when I was paranoid about Internet privacy I put a security link on many pictures. You can still access the pictures easily enough… just punch in the username: Balboa and the password is: Park. It’s a pain, I know. Later I will export the secure photographs and just let them show up without security.

It’s quite a journey to look back and read detailed accounts of life, my universe and everything. Some things I had forgotten, and other things were merely forgettable. I like it all. Reading Chickenblog is an amazing way to remember details and think on how we got here. I was surprised by some events I didn’t mention. Maybe there were things too difficult to accept or process at the time. It’s interesting to note what I have, or have not, been self-conscious about sharing. For example, I thought I had written more cooking/food posts, and then I realize I deliberately avoid the subject because I dread being pegged as a hungry fat girl. I think skinny people believe overweight people are food obsessive and that it is the root of their fall from grace. Ya, so I have censored myself there and other places. I’m glad I wrote about so many things, like the Chicas and visitors... I look forward to writing more.


cristina thornburg photography said...

Hungry fat girl? WHAT?! No way. I consider myself to be relatively small and I've never thought that about anyone. I think you should include your "foodie" posts and share your talent! I like what I've tasted from your kitchen! FOOD IS GOOD! :P

That's really neat that you have all those archives to reflect back on. I wish I had started blogging a long time ago and had that...well, better late than never, right?

You've been part of my inspiration you know; your blog was was the firstI ever read. I wouldn't be a blogger now if it weren't for you, I think.

Natalie said...

Ahem... see? That's the risk I take opening my big fat mouth;-)
You are small and I was once too, and I didn't think "that way" either, but not everyone is as wonderful as us sister.
I think you are right though: More Foodie Posts!
I cannot believe how quickly I have managed to accumulate years of Chickenblog, and now you've started and it won't be long before you are reflecting too. It's probably like that with your beautiful scrap books... lots to reflect on.