Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy's Quilted Artists

Grandma Nancy has started a new quilting theme. She is making a favorite artists series and she began with Dega. Her son, Phil, sent me these images last night, saying "The shading of the shadows is much more subtle in reality. Think she's going to work on Van Gogh or Lautrec next." So, as is typical with great art, the quilt is even lovelier in person. I am speechless; it is such a beautiful quilt she has created.

I was excited to share a post for the continent series, that was hanging in the library. Seeing this new quilt was an unexpected treat. Seeing quilts always gets me inspired, but I think I am many lessons away from making images; in a sense painting with fabrics. It looks challenging.

Here are the quilts I knew she had recently completed. Obviously she keeps very busy. I love these. They are depictions of scenes from each continent. I love what unique subjects she chose. I hope she can keep them together and definitely displayed. What a talented and inspiring woman. Gee, did I say we were going some place new on our vacation? I feel a pull to return to Wisconsin.

I try not to drag readers to Chickenblog, but I do hope that if you see these you will share a link with friends and family, and share comments for Nancy. Once again, she has made something worthy of our attention and praise.


janice Rudnick said...

These quilts are gorgeous! I would love to see them up close and admire the detail. They really are quite stunning.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you Janice. You are right about wanting to see them up close... the detail is amazing.