Friday, April 13, 2007

I decided to grant Max his picnic wish. Does eating Costco pizza in the car count? We got to the beach in time for this choice picnic weather:

Cold, grey, and incredibly windy. Undaunted, we decided to leave the sand out of our lunch and eat in the shelter. Good choice, because

outside it was actually colder and windier than we had thought. Southern Californians, true natives like ourselves, are so weather ignorant. Most other places in the country people would expect a cold, grey and windy day in April. Max had hoped to swim. Lucky for him towels come in handy for several purposes.

Maria acclimated, somewhat, and with her tights on her head like a Seuss hat, she was ready to dig in!

She patiently filled this pail, even while holding and sheltering her beloved "Guin."

Brrr. I can't believe we lasted as long as we did. I can't believe there were people wading in the rough surf. Poor tourists, eager to make the most of their spring break, no matter what.

Poor us, eager to get out of our house, no matter what.

We thought we came prepared. It's just as well you didn't join us. But what about today? Could you, would you join us on a picnic today? I thought I would send out a general announcement and see who will meet us at the duck pond for a 'bring your own tasty feast picnic.' Let's see how ambitious I can feel in the next hour...

Or... I could stay home and face the music:

There is not one square foot in this house that isn't negatively affected by our presence; not even the tile floor in front of the pantry, where Maria has tucked in her baby for the night. Some lax behaviors have evolved in to bad habits. Sloppy practices, undisciplined ways... we have slipped down the slippery slope.

My first instinct is to cry in alarm: Run Away! Run Away!
My second instinct is to cry in alarm: Run Away! Run Away! Run faster, faster!
Okay, any moment now I am going to crack my whip and stir my dozing crew of children and we will have a general meeting about personal responsibilities, chores and team effort for a greater good. It may look as though we were struck by a natural disaster, but the disaster is very localized; I will emphasize that our earthquake preparedness kit is off limits, so no more chocolate milk! We will clean house for no less than two hours, and then break for a picnic lunch and healthy outdoor play.

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Tarie said...

Wah! =( I really wish I could join your family picnics!