Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quilted Joy!

A secret was revealed to me and I now I know who was making me a doll quilt: Thank you Pamela at Mamaspark's World! I apologize for leaving you wondering about its arrival... I have been away from home for many days, then I came home to computer troubles... never mind all that... I was elated to find a curious looking package in our mailbox. When I opened the outer envelope I gasped with delight... my hopes were confirmed.

I don't get as many delightful surprises as I did as a kid, say at Christmas or for my birthday, so when I tore open a peek, breath held, heart fluttering, I was thrilled. I laughed and sighed. I exclaimed something... probably like a hen laying an egg!

Pamela captured my love of chickens in a thoughtful, artistic, tasteful doll quilt. The colors are cozy and inviting, much like the colors of comfort and warmth. I keep seeing more details in the quilt. I love to gaze at it. She named it "Spicy Chicken." Does she know about the salsa called "Pico de Gallo?" It translates as rooster's beak or peck and describes the fresh diced tomatoes, onions, chile and cilantro in a spicy salsa. The many triangles suggest a rooster's peck, the colors are fresh and spicy.

Pamela, you are very good quilter. I want to convey to you my absolute delight in receiving your thoughtfulness, your generosity, this reflection of your work and artistry. I am very lucky and very appreciative. Thank you. Thank you.

I am still working on the quilt I will send out. My first attempt is not what I had hoped for and now I am really convinced I should start over. Yikes! Just a little pressure. Now that I have seen what a beautiful result Pamela worked for, I feel even more inspired to give my best.

Clearly, I am fond of chickens, but I like to think I am level headed about the whole thing, and I love how Pamela chose to subtly suggest my chicken affection on the quilt front, and then go totally chicken-whimsy on the back! It's a perfect balance. Tasteful, and traditional on the front, and flip over for my humorous side. I love it!

Pamela did all the piecing. Small triangles and many squares meeting at corners; an elaborate looking pattern emerges, that I appreciate for the patience it must have taken to pull together. It looks beautiful. When she was done with the piecing she enlisted the help of Elizabeth to do the quilting. Elizabeth has access to one of those fabulous machines that can produce intricate results, and she chose a lovely quilting pattern of twining vines, arcs and flowers. They fit perfectly across the fabrics.

Hallie: Meet Chango, your California cat cousin. He waited until I was taking these pictures to plop himself down on the doll quilt. Hallie, I love that you sent the quilt off with your seal of approval. Thank you for agreeing to share it with our home.

I am so happy to be a blogger, a quilter, a participant in this wonderful exchange with Doll Quilt Swap. Please, excuse me now. I am eager to finish a little quilt for someone else


Mama Spark said...


I was soooooo very nervous to send this in the mail. I feel blessed that you love it so much. It is funny but I kept walking by the chicken fabric without knowing why I had such a strong feeling to buy some, then after I received my partner, I realized why! I am absolutely THRILLED to know that you love it!! Thank you very much for your generous comments. Did you notice the little pinwheel stamp in the corner near the label? My friend Yuki from Japan carved it out of stone and the teenie, tiny Japanese characters are my name, Pam. Again, I am so happy that you like it and I am equally certain that your quilt will be loved and cherished by your partner. (and...maybe Chango and Hallie are kindred spirits as well?)

Janece said...

This makes me wish I was a quilter (and I'm so not...). Pam, you did an AMAZING job -- this is so beautiful. And it looks perfect for Natalie! The color and pattern choices and mixes are gorgeous. Natalie, suffice it to say, I'm jealous. ;)

I can't wait to see yours when you've finished it... you will be posting pictures of it, yes?

sophie said...

Looks like Pamela's doll quilt has come to a perfect home ;-)

kimberly sherrod said...

WOW!!! Peck of the Chicken is Right! I love it! Red & Yellow are so happy and joyous! I love the pattern too! That's a lot of work! The quilt is gorgeous! You are adding pictures of it to the Doll Quilt Crazy Group- right? I have chickens on the brain too- thats so funny!

tea time and roses said...


The quilt is so beautiful... I can't wait to see your finished one.


Natalie said...

So, my first 'draft' was not what I'd hoped, but last night I pieced a whole new quilt top. After seeing many of the finished quilts, I am feeling pretty intimidated. Wasn't I lucky to receive such a beautiful doll quilt?

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt Natalie! And it's so perfect! I still have to make mine. I have two bunches of fabric, but I'm still not sure which one to use. I'll figure it out this weekend. :-)

Tarie said...

The quilt is beautiful!!! And it so fits you, Natalie. :)