Monday, September 24, 2007

Falling into Fall

6 cooks and no recipe... we are a little off our game, but we are willing to try, try, try again. Max kept saying, "More lemon. Definitely more lemon." While Maria stood on the step chanting, "Suga' pease! Suga' pease!" Alex believes we could have gone with more cinnamon and less lemon. I wish we had let it bake a bit longer.

We happily recalled that come January it will be our 10th anniversary... that is our 10th apple peeler-corer-slicer anniversary. It was a birthday gift for Geoff, procured by Jola, when I was too overcome with morning sickness to leave the house. She added a huge bag of apples, so we could bake our first pie, but slicing apples, and munching them on the spot, proved so much fun we never had enough left for even a turnover.

Alex was in charge of the crust, which we agree came out perfect. He used his birthday crust cutter to cover this crust with birds. Then we brought the two pies to share with everyone at Deanne and James' house. Holly, Izzy, Nick and Rich were already there when we arrived, and the whole evening was spent enjoying good company and good food. And wine. My goodness...

Oh, and thinking up names for the baby coming in February. James and Deanne are expecting! I get so tickled every time I think of this!

What the...?! Another WIP? I can't help it. Yes, I have 3 quilts in progress, 4 children, laundry, a blog...

I stole this was inspired by "Lady Harvartine" and her Zipped Up quilt. It seemed like the ideal start for some Moda charms I've been staring at. As Geoff was leaving for work this morning, I was on the floor laying pieces out, and I think he could see that I was supremely happy.


  1. You are so sneaky with your WIPs! I came very close to baking an apple pie today, then J got sick, then Adam wanted to bake brownies :by himself: Hahahahha. I'm surprised the pasta and meatballs didn't taste like mole. Save your fabric scraps for altered books!!!

  2. It's looking great! I can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I just saw this this morning at Liz's Blog! I love it and am making one after I finish the other 312 WIP's I have in progress! hahaha! The pie looked lovely and I think I could actually even smell it from here! Great with the bird cutouts too! I love it that you all worked on it together! Fun times. - can't wait to see your quilt finished. I am setting mine aside this morning for some fresh air and sunshine. It is a glorious day!

  4. Wow you've been a busy busy bee lately. That pie looks amazing, plus how fun was it for the family to join in making it. Such a sweet little quilt too. Happy Fall! :-)

  5. That's quite a good looking pie! And quilt! and Cat! Why did I not know that you had a cat and such a beautiful one at that?

  6. Hello everyone... so much company today! Fun.
    Liz- I am glad you approve, and I can't wait to see it finsihed too! LOL
    Did everyone see Liz's zipper? I love how cool and fresh it looks.
    Making the pie with everyone was the best.
    The beautiful cat is our Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat... just like making pie, everyone had to contribute something!
    A. Banana- don't worry, there are plenty of scraps!

  7. That pie looks wonderful! I am surrounded by wips as well, overwhelming ;)

  8. Pie, quilt, cat...looks like heaven there! :o) Lots of yumminess in this post...That quitl is going to be fantastic--love the simple construction. I've had quilting on the brain a bit lately, wanting to start a new project, but unsure what to make...I might have to steal this idea! LOL! And just what I need too, another wip! Happy Day, dear friend ((HUGS))

  9. Mmm, I want a pieceof that pie!
    What is it with cats, when you put something on the floor, they want to lie on it?
    But I have to say, my cats are my biggest supporters when I'm working on a quilt!

  10. that pie looks so great! waw, wish I was there to eat it,
    The other thing ( working on 4 quilts, children etc, etc....)
    But you know, the more I have to do in my household and drawing work the more I am also creative in doing other things, this is just an escape from boring things. I have 5 children over here and I am getting gray hair in a high tempo,They are from 12 to almost 18 years old, pffff

    have to get to the laundry now! ;(


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