Thursday, October 18, 2007

Loose Ends and Split Ends

I am going to pretend that people frequently ask me questions... well, some people have asked me questions, so I am not making a huge leap of imagination here. Anyway, today I am going to answer questions.

What's with you and chickens?
When Geoff suggested I try blogging and I had no idea what I was getting in to, and chickens were foremost in my list of amusing pastimes, I chose "Chickenblog" as my working title and it sort of stuck. As this is post #958, I guess I am committed to my working title.

We do not have chickens. We have a bird, a parakeet, that we call Steve... he's smaller than a chicken and he's more trouble than chickens, but we like him anyway. We had chickens, and we loved them very much, and when we thought we were meant for a different destiny we sold our Rancho and the dear Chicas stayed with the new owners. (BTW I called them chicas as a play on the word chicken and the Spanish word for girl.) Sigh. This is all a very tender subject, because I want chickens still. They are funny and dear, and ours were very affectionate and amused us immensely. I love to watch chickens and hear them... they make me happy and I can't wait to have the freedom of keeping chickens and a garden all our own.

Will you share the albóndigas recipe?
Yes. Well, eventually I will. I don't have a recipe... not in the classic sense. It's one of those things I make and just know what to add. Geoff thinks my cooking is tasty, but a little nuts, because it's always random. I am not trying to be mysterious or elusive. Wouldn't it be great if we could just get together and cook? That would be awesome. Next time I make my meatball soup, I am going to take pictures and make measurements, sort of, and when I have something resembling a recipe, I will share it.

Next question?
Gee, it felt like there was so much I was neglecting to address. Er... maybe it's the housework I've been putting off and not questions about my true feelings and deep thoughts. I would like to thank everyone that leaves comments at Chickenblog. It's so nice to hear from people and I love your praise and encouragement, compliments... (True Story: Stay-at-home moms thrive on praise, encouragement and compliments.)


Tracy said...

So that's how it came to be called the Chicken Blog here! We're still here vacationing in the US...So happy to finally have a moment to check in with you and see what you've been up to--lots! Talk to you soon, my friend! Happy Days ((HUGS))

kimsherrod said...

I am busy painting my sewing room and trying not to get it on the dog! I read through and got caught up! I am in love with Pushing Daisies on Wed Night and am baking an apple pie tomorrow due to the inspiration. I hope you guys are all ok and doing fine. The glitter can brighten any day! I love Maria's bonnet! I have the mail order patterns too but haven't made them yet! have a happy! kim

Janece said...

We cook the same way! My cousin goes nuts trying to figure out how I cook this or that. He'll come over and watch me and cook and then in a panic say -- "WAIT! What was that and how much?" I can usually tell him the what -- but the how much... not so much.

Between you and some friends of ours here who have some wonderful chickens... I've developed a desire for my own someday. We had them when I was a kid, but they were strictly egg-laying in the coop kind of chickens. I wasn't allowed to interact with them at all. Who knows - maybe with this move chickens will be in our future...

nikkipolani said...

Your albóndigas is probably like my crockpot beef stew: comes out slightly different every time. I think cooking together would be a blast.

And thank you for your explanation about chickens. I did wonder...

Anonymous said...

I stopped by to see whats new ... and live vicariously through your pictures and stories.
I've started my own blog from the link you gave me , but it hasn't evolved into anything much yet.
BTW.. ( by the way) I love chickens and rain too!
I like the way chickens scratch at the ground, or a hay bale, and then pause for a moment to cock their head a bit to the side and size you up with thier gleaming, beady little eyes! Oh, so cute!
I miss rain.. the sound of it, the smell of it. I miss Fall. I miss the smell of wood smoke, fog on the ground , crunchy leaves and puddles of rain.. sad my youngest has never had rain boots....not much rain here in Arizona.
maybe Ill get her some boots ... some brightly colored rubber boots...... we'll call them sand boots!
She'd like that!
Take care,
:) Natalie

Andylynne said...

I hope you get your chickens again someday. I miss my "Chicas" too.( I like that name) Such endearing comical creatures, who usually seem to be happy and content with life. I do have a question though.......
Do you ever feel warm amazement at the very special job you do for your family. Stay at home moms are just to cooooooool!

Anonymous said...

i just had to say that i think your daughter is beautiful. i think Alex has a lot of talent too. im 14, i sketch and i love to draw and i have drawn your daughters face in some of my pictures. i was just drawn to her face. shes just so cute!

Elizabeth said...

i just had to say that i think your daughter is beautiful. i think Alex has a lot of talent too. im 14, i sketch and i love to draw and i have drawn your daughters face in some of my pictures. i was just drawn to her face. shes just so cute!