Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Be Jealous
... because I have new photo software... no, not Photoshop. No, not Adobe Illustrator. Never mind. I have a few more tools on the iMac, and I've been monkeying around for fun.

Check out the dreamy, soft focus edges!
oooh ahhh

This was a color image and I took it to B&W with the touch of a button!
(Hey, he's wearing my shirt!)
oooh ahhh

Alex's dragon has been colored enhanced!
oooh ahhh

I didn't do a thing to this picture!
oooh ahhh

Max added puppets to his Christmas list, and I added a fancy, dark edge!
oooh ahhh

I didn't do a thing to this one either, but I sure do love it!

I am also posting from my new iMac... tee hee. Don't be jealous. This was a very necessary investment. I literally wore-out the first iMac... it was sputtering and choking whenever I sat down to download more photographs. Now iMac One will be a dedicated homework machine for resident scholars, and Big Mac will be my new friend and companion management tool.

BTW I am 9 posts away from 1,000 and I am aching to give something away. Any contest or prize suggestions? I will take all under consideration, which is not the same as a commitment.


Anna Banana said...

How about a grocery tote with a chicken on it? I would try extra hard to win that one!

nikkipolani said...

I'm not at all jealous - I think you deserve to be working on a great machine with easy to use software so you can post more! Is it the new iWorks? I love that iPhoto. Mine is getting rather sluggish. Could be the 10073 photos on it. And for a prize? No idea. I'm coveting your halter apron, but I think that's another issue ;-)

Missy said...

How sweet is that last photo?!? And that photo of the chess and your nearly 3 sweetie...wonderful!

tea time and roses said...

Wow those photos are lovely, I just know we all are in for a treat of beautiful photos! Natalie you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving....

When time permits pop over to my blog, I am having a give-away and want you to be a part! :o)

Hugs to you...


Janece said...

Natalie -- all these photos are so great. Little Maria sitting in the rocking chair with books couldn't be any sweeter. And you two at the very top -- a lovely twosome. Congratulations on your new iMac!

Oh, I happened across this site and thought of you & Maria...

Have a wonderful day today. :)

Mama Spark said...

I have a Mac at work and I Love, Love, Love it. I hate the PC we use at home (PS for short = 0 )
How about salsa for the give away? It really needs to be that or something with chickens on it.

pussman said...

I love the dragons of your son, he looks very talented, I am a mac fan to, do not understand that people want to work on a PC.

jess said...

That is a great apron! What fun effects you have now. This blog thing is so fun, especially when you can do really fun stuff!