Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Back, and Move Forward or The Rozerem Chrononicles*

Do you like setting your clocks back an hour? I think it will give us a much needed advantage tomorrow morning when we are trying to get to school on time. I enjoy the shorter days, longer nights and the very subtle effect it creates for creating a sense of change in seasons. And when I think of Fall Back, it is like a working title for the screenplay of our lives. We are behind, falling backwards, playing catch-up. Coupled with our sense of being overwhelmed, is a profound sense of gratitude for some recent blessings.

Someone got pardoned. Twice. He went in for a pre-surgery check of his knee... the one with the torn meniscus and they were stunned to see that the tear is healing. These things don't typically heal. Go home, they said, and keep doing whatever you are doing. Spared the knife! The second pardon came while he was on the table, for another medical treatment. He was going to get a Zap to manage an arrhythmia problem ( a big deal that he doesn't want me to discuss publicly, so don't ask... geez, he's really grousing about this...) It happened again... "This is your lucky day!" He's not cured, but for the time being there is an improvement that made the Zapprocedure unnecessary. Can you hear our sigh of relief?

*Our anonymous patient was sent home and advised to sleep, especially at night. Enter the drug most preferred by survivors of the Psychedelic '60's: Rozerem. The beaver meets Lincoln drug. The non-habit forming, sleep 8 hours, do not sign documents or drive heavy machinery pill. He woke this morning to regale me with his tale of running through East L.A., then entering a 3 story Victorian house, where he was met by Cheech and Chong, who were painting. He stayed and helped them rewire the outside of the house, while hanging from the third floor window. He says he dreamed all night. He hasn't dreamt in like 10 years. Far out, man.

What do you think of my pecking hens? My Aunt Becky found them in Guadalajara. It's a simple toy that is simply ingenious. The wooden paddle has hens that bob and peck when their entwined strings are pulled by the attached wooden bead. We love it!

See what I mean? All sorts of things, small and big, have been taking me down, overwhelming me, and yet there are moments that affirm goodness and light. Another example: I was so sad to learn that a friend's kitty, Nikki, was in a real bad way and then came wonderful news and a little pardon of their own... goodness and light!

School, and Max and Alex being sick, has been like a triple gut punch. ( Am I the only one burned-out already by School and it's invasive 3 headed homework serving, home-life encroaching beast of... ?) Anyway, let me just say we had a fantastic time coming home to what amounted to an early Christmas from Red Hen Studios. Julie was generously celebrating her 100th post by having a prize drawing for all sorts of wonderful goodies, including a vintage Christmas table cloth drool... I won! I won! I won! Bloggers, the ones I hang with, are generous, fun, supportive, encouraging, kind, creative and talented... and I mean this sincerely, even when I am not the big winner

In the package were individually wrapped treasures, and we sat together to open each one, happily sharing the pleasure. Fall leaves. A Christmas stocking. Cinnamon sticks. Greeting cards, handmade in the Red Hen Studio. A Little Golden Book... "The Little Red Hen." I sat the rubber chicken with my other chickens and remarked that it's my first dead chicken and Alex corrected me: "It's not dead. It's flying! It's going so fast, its feathers have blown clean off!" Freakin' hilarious!

Some of the gifts we have been enjoying.

Goodness. Look at the time!
Thank you Julie, and Becky, and congratulations Nikki and Anne N. I know someone's been praying for us... thank you too.
I gotta face the rest of the day and get lots done, but I am bolstered, encouraged and hopeful. + I have an extra hour in my day, right?


Julie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed all your goodies. We sure had fun packing them up.

Janece said...

Natalie - this is totally off topic... but are you getting my emails? Let me know at janece at janece dot com. :) Thanks!

nikkipolani said...

Terrific uplifting post, Natalie! I watched one of the myriad "special features" in the appendix of the LOTR extended cut DVDs. One of them had a Tolkien expert talking about Tolkien's concept of eucatastrophe - the sudden turn for good. It's been a word we've thrown around a lot around here. Hugs to you and your anonymous pardoned person.

Anna Banana said...

I want me some of that Rozerem! Good thing you don't have that orange tractor anymore. Heavy machinery and all. ;-0

Tracy said...

What a great newsy post! And I love that chicken toy! It is amazing how little things can be big things...Happy days to you all, dear friend ((HUGS))

Lesley said...

Hi Natalie,
I agree with you about the extra time in the mornings - just for a while. Until we get in synch! The approach of winter feels good, too.

We had medical escapes last week in this household as well. Without the gory details, my doctor convinced me I had Something Really Nasty ("Let's not waste time - we need to get a biopsy straightaway"), but all the tests were totally negative. Though last week I was euphoric and tearful with relief, now I feel like punching my GP, she had me SO worked up, and SO scared.
So I share your relief over all your good news!

Natalie said...

Julie-your goodies are going to be keeping us in joy for a long time. I feel like I am just barely absorbing the generosity of all of it!
Janece... I think we've figured out my glitch lol... one of them, anyway!
Anne N. "eucatastrophe" is our new word now. Thank you!
Ms. Banana, we can't make any promses about *those* kinds of gifts, but we will continue to update the R. Chronicles.
Tracy, my little chicken is big... BIG FUN. (((Hugs)))
Lesley I love that you were spared medical trauma, though the anxiety was still there. I am sighing with relief for you.

Tarie said...

Yay! Cool... goodies! :D

Shay said...

Sometimes the medication is worth the dreams...sometimes, not. I gave up Nyquil after I became convinced the spousal unit was trying to murder me and came up screaming out of a sound sleep to bash him in the face. It's too bad because the darn stuff works!