Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theme-less Thursday
Fellow bloggers are you sending Christmas cards?... with photos?... and newsy letters? I love those! I am running out of time to get my cards signed and in the mailbox, and I am really frustrated about this. It's the same every year: The ideal vision of a perfect Christmas, with happy faces next to every checked-off item on my to do list, and then the sad realization that I cannot do it all. It's so much easier when I roll over and give-up, with some dignity. But instead I am getting snappy and cranky and grinchy and I am really starting to panic that I may be visited by Krampus (I learned about him from Jennifer, but for the full story Google him. Yikes!) I addressed and stamped 40 cards, and I could sign them and send them, but I am still attached to the idea of writing and enclosing a letter and printing 40 pictures to send along. There's no time. There is no time! Sorry, that was for my benefit.

Maybe I haven't written a letter and printed photos, because it's so much like what I do several times a week here at Chickenblog... I don't have much more to say in a letter than I have already written about in the blog. Seriously, it would be really redundant and quite possibly annoying, boring and pointless too. I don't want to be redundant, annoying, boring and pointless... not at Christmas, not any more than usual.

That settles it: I am going to sign our names, and write a quick little Love or maybe a doodle heart, and then seal and send. Done. Simple. Move on.

Thank you. You have been a tremendous help. You know who you are...


  1. I like to send a card with some personal note along with a more general newsy printed piece (purposefully short), but not to bloggy friends. I mean, they're reading about all the newsy notes every week! ...aren't they?

  2. I go the photo card with the pre-printed family names on it (ahem), and leave it at that. Partly just so I can get them done, and partly because I figure that if someone gets our card and thinks, "hey, I wonder what's up with them, I wonder how they are doing these days?" that they get in touch with us. That's what I do when I get cards from people that don't include the pre-made letter.

    Natalie, THIS is the moment to let go of everything other than what you want to do, what your family MOST wants to do, for Christmas. Keep thinking about how good these last few days should feel and don't try to cram in so much that you are just a heap of yourself by Tuesday. I am now seriously considering your first take on "china free" and going all paper for the holiday dinner, and I'll tell you that it's feeling pretty good....

  3. Ok...stop everything, come a ((BigHUG)) We're all in the same...and isn't that a comforting feeling?! Let us not susocomb to guilt and feeling of inadequacy. We all do the best we can every day, and especially now. We do try to do a little extra for family & friends, or those we don't get so see very often during the year, and that's a great thing. Us blog friends have a way of catching up with each other during the week and know what's happen and can share all sorts that way, and that's another great thing. I see all the Christmas happy happening at your place and feel that is like getting a greeting each time I come here to visit. I feel blessed to know you, and to share with you here, via email or regular old fashioned snail mail--a way is a great way as long was we share. So put your to-do list aside and know you've given us a great gift here! May your days be merry & bright--Happy Holidays to all of you, peace and many blessings in the New Year ((HUGS)) :O)

  4. Natalie: You were absolutely right to sign 'em and shove 'em in the post. I rarely say any more than a 'love from', with an occasional 'all the best for the New Year'.
    If you still feel compelled to send out a bulletin, you could do a New Year letter and send that in January. Or just refer everyone to your blog - your loved ones get the most wonderful family news almost every day on your amazing blog. They're so lucky all year!

  5. *hug* I know the feeling: Every year I have all these hopes for the "perfect" Christmas. I get a bit sad that it never happens. But it's still the best time of the year and my favorite holiday!


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