Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thirty-Two Feet and Eight Little Tails... Santa Laughing "Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho!"

Dale Evans is singing and I am catching-up with email and news, and... and slowly, slowly preparing to clean this house! I think Santa must have let his reindeer in, instead of keeping them on the roof, and let me tell you, thirty-two feet can make quite a mess! Naughty little reindeer.

Ah, but the Christmas smiles... it makes the rush and crush so worthwhile. For Christmas smiles I can brave Southland traffic. For Christmas smiles I can make-up patterns for pajamas and sew them by Christmas Eve, and make a pillow case for Max's Froggy!

And it's so worthwhile to make time for friends, for play, for family visits. Would it really be Christmas without those? Take away bows and stockings and tinsel and such, and it would be disappointing, but without play and family, friends and spiritual joy it would be pointless.

It's what I kept reminding myself of every time I felt panic about all that has to get done! Relax. Go with the flow. Savor that pizza grin, and never mind the playground sand all over the car.

We went to the zoo, and Pasadena, to church on Sunday, and the park on Thursday, to Grampa's on Monday, we made tamales, we played with cousins, we built Mars Stations and played tea party. We gave and received, we sang and we prayed, and we really haven't stopped...

Allow me just one moment to be a bit melancholy... I miss my family, the ones who I didn't get to play with this week, and the homesickness I feel, the touch of sadness, well I guess it's part of Christmas too, because it reminds me to be grateful and hopeful and to cherish the ones I love. So I will send an extra note of love and affection to friends and family, near and far: Merry Christmas Oregon, Washington, the Philippines, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Norway, Massachusetts, Colorado, Canada, Florida, Virginia, New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Zealand, Belgium, Mexíco, California, and way far East, where I hope you are especially safe.

I will be reflecting on Christmas pleasures for months and years to come. Now it's time to dig out... there are messes blessings all over the place!


calamitykim said...

thats all I can say
I got your card. Thank you.
I am in my sewing room. Working on projects. Fulfilling my promises. I just wanted to say thank you. kisses and hugs to all! kim

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

It looks like you had an outstanding time with your beautiful family! Hope you're getting ready for an equally fantastic new years! :-)

nikkipolani said...

Y'know, I've been waiting and waiting for the little elves to show up for the to-do-list, but they're very very late! Sorry about the reindeer - but you are right, those smiles are worth it. We had tamales, too, but not homemade. Hugs!

Oiyi said...

Now, you made me want pizza! I miss my family, too, this year. But it looks like you had fun with your family.

happythings said...

Merry late Christmas and Happy early New Year to you all. And happy cleaning. I'll be doing the same from the mess we left before our trip + unpacking. :-)

Anna Banana said...

Thought of you at the Mouse yesterday. Glad you had such a fun Xmas, thanx for the photos! Look at your girl, so sophisticated!

Jennifer said...

With my own family spread far, so far that I don't get to see them on holidays, I know that sadness, that feeling of disconnect, even within the joy of being with your very own family. Sigh. I'm in awe of everything you've managed to do (as always!) and who cares about the mess -- it'll keep. Hey, I am LOVING the cd and am now an avid Emily Mitchell fan; listening makes me wish even more that we lived nearby.... Peace to you. And hey, what's the plan for Three kings Day? ;-)