Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chickenblog Counts Down

Thank you again for voting in the photography contest. It was real close. I'm such a loser. It was fun and a nice opportunity to discover new blogs and photographers. I have to say, Dallas easily remains one of my favorite photographers and you should visit her blog for regular views of her observations of nature.

"Count down?" you ask.
Yes, I am counting days and such.

3 days until the feed store by the boy's testing site receives a new shipment of chicks. Cute, harmless, life affirming, gratifying, fun and therapeutic chicks. Baby hens. Chooks. Sigh.

8 posts until my eleventy-eleventh post to Chickenblog. Thought: Wouldn't bringing home 2 chicks be an awesome way to celebrate 1,111 posts?

24 days until Chickenblog celebrates its 6 year blogiversary! Gee it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the 5 year blogiversary. That was when Tarie and Janece were drawing winners, but before Calamity Kim brought my blog out of obscurity. Now a whole year has rolled by and some things are much the same and some things are very, very changed. I do have a lot more friends in the blogosphere, many of whom you find over there in the blogroll.

I used to make hencakes all the time and post their cuteness every now and then. Every hencake is an original, ladled out with artful flair and loving care. All hencakes and other chicken references can be found in the archives under the Chicas label. Labels is a rather recent feature of the blog that Geoff added for me. The labels are a very helpful device for organizing 1,103 different posts.

My most recent Chickenblog improvement is a feeder thingy. Uh. Yeah, well I haven't actually fully grasped the concept, but I changed some settings in my blog that will enable savvy bloggers to add me to their feed. Is that right? Well, no, not me. I will not be in anyone's feed. Chickenblog is available to be added to... How did Katie put it? Here's what she told me: "Anyhow, publishing a blog feed allows people to use an aggregated reader to view any updates to blogs they subscribe to. This is great because I don't have to visit 100+ blogs a day to see if they were updated!" Thank you Katie! You are a very good person to know.

One more count down: Only 2 days left for the boys to be tied to desks, filling in little bubbles with number 2 pencils. The state testing should wrap up by end of mañana. Wouldn't bringing home 2 fluffy little chicks be the most wonderful way to celebrate the end of grueling test taking?


Janece said...

so do you give chicken pancake making lessons? :)

Are you really bringing home two chicks? I've been wanting to do that - but without a making a coop of safety for the chicks... this property would be certain death for them (coyotes... and not to mention the Sammy and Great Dane who just wouldn't understand why the chickens didn't want to "play" with them anymore...)

Maybe someday! :) If you are getting two -- I'll live vicariously through you.

I just did a little research and I've been a faithful ChickenBlog reader for 4+ years. Amazing. I'm sad I missed the first 1 1/2 - 2 years. Maybe I should start from the beginning and catch up with what I missed.

Have a wonderful day, lovely!

Andylynne said...

Hencakes I should have known :) Wow what fun, and I do agree that two adorable fluffy, very soul satisfying chicks might be just the ticket. I have friends who have chickens in the city. In fact one keeps her Bantys( 2) in a cage in her dining room at night. They come to her when called and ride on her shoulder. Another friend did have a brush with the law when his Banty hen took her 35?? adopted chicks under the fence and out into the neighborhood. The animal control arrested the hen & chicks,put them in lock down.they had to be sprung and explinations given. He had to find a home for the hen for a few days.( snuck her back later on) The chicks were for an extenion project to be included in a poultry project auction. It was for those who wanted to start a hen house etc. All was well in the end. He made the paper, and the urbanites were made aware of how much fun chickens can be. A win win situation if you ask me.
So no matter how you celebrate,=. (And I might add 1,111.00 posts is pretty amazing ):) I will check back with baited breath. I'm a newbie to Chicken Blog, but a truly devoted reader now :).

tea time and roses said...

Hello Natalie!

Love those cakes! I am so glad to be here today it has been a while for me. Your photos are beautiful as ever! :o) I do plan to visit Dallas, thank you for sharing her site. You and your sweet family have a wonderful rest of the week.



village mama said...

your hencakes blow my mind - how original, and oh how I'd love to lather many in maple syrup and devour.

YayaOrchid said...

Those hencakes look delicious! Nice and fluffy, just the way I like them. Boy you really are artistic, I don't think I could shape a pancake like that, I can't even get mine round sometimes!

Congratulations on your posting number! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

Wishing your boys the best on their testing. If they excel(which I'm sure they will), all the more reason to reward yourself for your contribution to their success. Bring on the chicks, I say!

Laura Jane said...

Happy counting down!

I'm sure the boys will do well, they have such great minds.

The hencakes are sweet! That's some very clever tipping you do there!

And the thought of two chicas coming home - warning do NOT have them in the dining room - You will recall that chicas POOP - A LOT! But I know you will enjoy them immensely.

I wouldn't be without my daily read of the ChickenBlog!

Katie said...

Hooray! You have a feed. I already subscribed. You have my email if you need anything else.

I wish I could make artsy pancakes like you. I sense you're dreaming about the new chicks and awful lot...

And happy early blogaversary! You've been doing this for a long time in "internet years".

Tarie said...

Whoa, those chicken pancakes are cool! And are you really getting two chicks?

Gosh, I was depressed yesterday :o( and one of the first things I thought was: I need a bowl of Chickenblog. This blog always cheers me up! By the way, check Into the Wardrobe, I have a little something for you. You like shiny things, right? ;)

firefly said...

Your hen cakes are too cute, and I loved this playful post you wrote today.

Warmest wishes,

Oiyi said...

I love the pancakes! So fun.

Anna Banana said...

I want hencakes either.

Julie said...

Good for you on coming up to double 11s. That is pretty amazing considering I'm at 255, lol.

amy smith said...

Hooray for you, and hen cakes, and baby chicks, and great blogs, and many blogs and everything else! I am so glad to know you out here in this blogosphere!

lifeinredshoes said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog, so nice to be noticed! First, you take great pics.Second you live in the general vicinity of a beach. Third and perhaps best of all, YOU HAVE A TRADER JOES!!! I have been known to travel hunderds of miles for this privelege! Oh and you have serious Chicken Skills!

Dallas said...

Thanks for the linkage! A couple of your readers stopped by. And I love your hen cakes -- mmm, tastes like chicken. :) By the way, do you have an RSS feed for your blog so it can be read in a feed reader? Just incase you don't know what I'm talking about -

Tracy said...

Such a happy post, Natalie! You hencakes are they taste fantastic too! New baby chicks...that would make a sweet addition to the family! ;o) Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

gloria said...