Friday, May 16, 2008

We're Bird Watchers and Stuff

To begin with, I love "And stuff." It is the laziest, most effective way to express a broad spectrum of specific nonspecific articles that don't merit individual delineation and yet are of significant enough worth to be credited in conversation. "And stuff," is wonderful and stuff.

A scrub jay is making a nest in the bougainvillea that grows along the house entry. Bougainvillea is a plant with pretty flowers, and wicked thorns, which is why I find it a lousy choice for the narrow passage leading to our front door. If it isn't reaching out to grab us, then it is shedding heaps and drifts of leaves that blow into the house every time we open the door. Ah, but as a home for birds and their nests, it is ideal. There are 3 abandoned nests nestled in there and now this new one is getting spiffed and ready. I worry that we are going to wake the babies every time we come and go, but the jays must have realized it's a busy spot, so maybe they do not mind our family traffic. I hope I can get some pictures of the jays at work, then babies too.

In the meantime, this baby sings all day long. He sounds like a squeaky bed spring, and then he switches over to a pipipipipipip. We watched him again yesterday afternoon. We didn't have a dinner picnic, but opted for a water spree instead.

My children know how much I love to play with water, so the fun began when they gave me mischievous looks while I was watering in the front yard. You know the look... 'betcha can't get me with that hose!' That kind of look is more temptation than I can handle and pretty soon I was giving them a good soaking, right there under the watchful eye of Momma Woody. She didn't mind. I think she liked the laughter and squeals of delight.

Maria was already drenched, William and Max too, but they were not through with water sports, and out came the soakers. William and Max were getting ready to do combat in a dual, and Maria thought it looked like fun. A 3-way dual? And her unarmed... well, at least she was well-dressed. I hope Missy recognizes the pretty dress she sent Maria last Christmas, and it's been almost a year since Calamity Kim sent us our chicken aprons.

She's well dressed and fearless! Laughing it up, caught in the crossfire, while her big brothers meet in a watery battle.

If it were 2 degrees warmer I probably would have had to join them. I am reminded how much we enjoy our fun and play with water. My head is swimming with happy pool memories, beach days and soaker battles of the past. Rain showers, river swims... I love water. I think William shares my impish delight in soaking people.

In a minute I am going to invite him to the backyard for another late afternoon romp in the spray. It's an even warmer day than yesterday. Maybe I'll splash too.

You might be wondering how I managed to get so many pictures of the elusive William... me too. He's shy, like his father, and a good person, like his father too.

Show me your towel," I prod him, so I can show-off. How many years have I battled with too many unidentified towels piling up around the tub, hanging on doors? Too many! And I have this huge ick-factor about shared towels and wet, wadded-up, damp towels... echkghh... gag reflex kind of sound. My Mother's Day gift to my family, was to individualize towels. I finished the children's and eventually I will make 2 more for me and Geoff. It was easy and fun and it's working. Everyone has an old towel made new and uniquely their own. William's is piratey... oooh arghhh!

And that is it for bird watching and stuff. It is Friday, and even though Geoff works weekends, the children and I still have that end of the week kind of giddyness, because we know that at least tonight he is coming home! I hope something is making you giddy too.


Carole said...

You have a beautiful family. It is so nice to see all of you enjoying each other.

Anna Banana said...

Book group meets on Sunday! Judy and Dadla are going to make a recipe from the French Laundry cookbook! I will post about the meantime, I am giddy!

nikkipolani said...

Now that's a creative solution to anonymous towels!

amy smith said...

the top half of william's face looks like your husband's, and the bottom half of his face looks like yours! a glorious combination! you have beautiful children, happy children. congratualations on a job well done! :)

Tarie said...

I love water, too!

This is another great post - you have a wonderful family and home life. :o)

Tarie said...

Belated Happy Mothers Day, Natalie. I wasn't able to visit your blog last week because of a major project at work, but I was really thinking of you on Mothers day. You are a mommy I have admired for a long time now. :o)

Tim Noble said...

Wow! What a beautiful place you live!

Love your blog and stuff!

Dallas said...

Great bird photos - I can't tell if they're downy or hairy woodpeckers, but I like the shot of the little guy peeking out of the hole.