Sunday, September 07, 2008

What We Saw

We were very good farmers yesterday. Max learned how to prune roses. Our landlord is responsible for the landscaping and upkeep, but his hired help have been neglecting a lot lately. I took it upon myself to cut back unruly vines and deadhead lilies, roses, daisies, and pull weeds.

Our yard waste is picked up for recycling, but if I want to cut back any more plants we'll need to bring home another barrel to haul the stuff away. We swept and dusted. We tossed odds and ends. The chicas seemed happy for the backyard company, and Max and Maria were happy for the industrious garden chores. Max and Maria worked together to pull up the sad and scraggly remains of the tomato plant, then they planted green beans. Max pulled dead flowers from Lola's garden, and maybe we'll get around to planting zinnia and dianthus today.

Before doing any more farm work, we filled our water bottles and made our way to a nature trail. Recent bluff failures closed the trail we usually we take, and did not know we were headed for an extra long detour, but as usual the hike was beautiful and worthwhile.

High above the Pacific Ocean, the views are refreshing and captivating. It sure would help to have the ocean to look at, to motivate my senses and muscles, on our way up!

We hiked for an hour and a half, or as Geoff noted, for an hour and twenty-five minutes. I could kick him for being such a stickler for accuracy. Lucky for him my endorphins were up, and my legs were wobbly. lol

Like we did on our last hike, Max wanted talk about gardening. Geoff told him he would love to have a garden, because he loves to see how happy we are in the garden. Maria wanted assurance that her daddy sees how happy she is in the garden too.

William and Alex were talking about Spore. I doubt I ever blogged about "Spore" and considering the 3 years of anticipation, I should have mentioned it once or twice. Now, finally, it is available, a game so elaborate and innovative it took since 2000 to complete. William has been filling my head with bits and pieces about the ingenious ambitions of this video game for a long time and I got an even greater appreciation for it after seeing this TED video. I think this is one of those milestone moments in gaming, and it's exciting to read, "Will Wright announced at E3 2008 that National Geographic would do a television documentary on Spore, as scientists use the game to explain real-life biological, physical, and evolutionary science; this is the same documentary that will be included with Spore: Galactic Edition. He also announced a partnership with SETI... " The game is installed here, on the new computer, and I know this won't be the last we hear about SPORE.

Setting in the sun, this little lizard on the buckwheat was not too shy.

Sheltered from the sun, Maria did a fair amount of the hike on her own 2 sturdy legs. She liked seeing the sunning lizards and finding the last of the season's flowers in the dry scrub. She's convinced we are climbing mountains when we are on this hike, and I guess from her point of view, we do scale some remarkable heights.

Sometimes we don't talk at all. We just walk and see the trail ahead.

Breath deeply.

Marvel, and sigh.

Just relax.


natalie said...

Where O where were these lovely photos taken. Looks like you had the sunnier side of weather whilst I had a foggy rainy beachside experience. Both are just as magical. xo xo Natalie

judy in ky said...

Breathtaking photos... some day I want to live near the ocean, too.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I like your photos of your hiking trip. Like Natalie I wonder where it is you took them. I live in Northern CA. It looks a bit like like Point Reyes. But I am sure it isn't.

Em said...

What an amazing day - I love it! You're such a great blogger - and although I haven't been here as often as I wish I could, I really think your blog is one of the best! I gave you an award - c'mon over and check it out!

Jennifer said...

'Course SPORE is all the big talk 'round here, although we don't own it (yet?) It is so not just a game -- cool beans.

Did I ever remember to mail a little envelope to you? I can't remember if I mailed it or just dreamt of doing it....