Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh Woe Is We

William is on the mend.
Alex may be going down, but he made it to school today.
Max is stricken and the only thing worse than his symptoms is the dread he feels regarding missing school.
Maria insists she is not sick, but that doesn't help her, or me, sleep at 3 a.m. when she is coughing and sneezing and crying for tissues and hugs.
I got it too. It's a mean bug and as I lay awake, moaning and aching I am penitent. Do you ever get that way when stricken with flu or cold? Suddenly I can recall every chore left undone and every misdeed done, and I make pitiful, solemn vows to be a better person... cleaner, neater, friendlier, more organized, less neglectful, more fit, less fat, more flossing, less self-critical. Is it the fever? Delirium? In the wee hours, in the dark, wracked with pain and congestion, I imagine that I would rather be cleaning the closets and decontaminating surfaces. I admonish myself for being a procrastinator and a lackadaisical domestic engineer.

How about Maria's dry erase chicken? Pretty cute. Kind of mythological... makes me think of the legendary scorpion chicken. Not a fatal sting, but it makes you think twice before ordering an omelette.

This is not one of those posts I will look back on, wondering why Terry Gross never called. No this is just me, passing time... too headachy to operate heavy machinery or work with sharp objects, too congested to read aloud, too sleepy to think of what sick people should do. Is it soup? Should I make soup? I think I'll make soup.


You know what's cool? The Internet. The Internet is totally cool. Janece posted an assortment of links and this video was as fortifying as any soup... the children and I busted up laughing watching the cat in the box. Seriously brilliant... unless you don't like cats without exception.

The Internet provides. This came with a racial tag line, but I like to think we can see it as a universal joke... presenting the Greater Depression Fire Alarm:

Where there's heat, there's fire and this will wake you in a jiffy!

eruhhh achooo mehhh


campbellgirl said...

Oh Natalie - even when you are sick you are hilarious! Hope you all get well soon. Cheers, D.

Jennifer said...

gracious -- no fair to all be so sick! Get better soon, just do, and remember that too clean a house isn't good for your immune system either.... (as I like to say -- look at us? building up our tolerance to bacteria and allergens!).

Tracy said...

Funny even when sick--LOL! Hope you all will be feeling better and on the mend soon...Sending get-well ((HUGS)) all around! :o)

Mama Spark said...

Woe is we over here too! DS got the bug and I got hit with it BAD on Friday. My head is stuffed and I feel so awful! I hope you guys are on the mend soon!!