Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scenes From Our Sunday

These particular scenes are provided by our 3 year old resident, Maria. She is an artist. She is a tornado of creative industry. She is a visionary.

A girl and a boy and an angel overhead, all beneath a smiling sun, with a raining cloud and grass and a tree. But those are just details. I see so much more. I love this picture. The sun is so satisfied, basking in its own rays.

Angels are everywhere.

Maria was dismayed to see this picture on the screen. "I didn't put the thing on the chicken!" Do you notice the missing thing?

She sighed audibly when she fixed this and handed it back to me, "Here, copy this."

What for some may be clutter or pure randomness, in Maria's world is order and art, expression and play. She gathers her elements and puts them together. She fills the vacuums, the empty spaces, nooks, boxes, bags... her canvas, her space.


Em said...

Ok, so that's why my house looks the way it does... my children are just filling the vaccumes, nooks, boxes, bags, the entire space... ha ha! They have no concept of 'open' space - it all must be filled with some activity, whether activly playing there or not! "No- MOM!!!! Don't move that - it's the castle for the princess pea to live in..." (in the next room is the stables where all of the horses are out, and some barbie-ish lady is out for her ride)... whew!

amy smith said...

she appears to be as wonderfully creative as her mom! i love the angels. :)

Anna Banana said...

Hi there, thanks for the secret chocolate. I decided to share it with the troops at our family meeting tonight, hoping it will be a sweet meeting.

Today went well. I have high hopes for efficiency and happiness tomorrow. ;-) May you feel all the love you give others.

Natalie said...

Thank you all...
and Anne, that is the sweetest wish... you really warmed my heart.
I hope the royal family bowed at your feet for sharing the Queen's treasure!