Friday, December 19, 2008


We have mice!
It's our own fault. We actually invited them in and we've been having a lot of fun with them. The cats like them even better, especially after they've been bouncing around in the catmint. A few mouses in the house is alright, as long as they don't mind being batted around, tossed and pawed, but I'll be sending the rest away.

I dreamed them up and could not wait to stitch them together. Maria loves to help me plunder the scrap pile, choosing the mousiest prints. I cut and sew and she turns them right side out.

Together we stuff the hungry mice with plenty of fluff. As I stitch their ends shut, Maria chooses and cuts yarn for their tails.

We've been so amused with ourselves and our mouse factory. When they are finished we toss them in to the nest, where they scurry around in the organic catmint, and that's when we have to keep an eye out for Chango and Benjamin! The kitties play blissfully and wildly with their new found friends.

This may finally be a sewing project I could make a tutorial for. It's easy-peasy, lemon squeezey.


While I am here, trying to accomplish all of my elf duties and pleasures, some of you are performing actual holiday miracles... creative and generous! I am at a loss for words, but of course I am going to try and say something here... My children see these packages coming in and they join me in awe. We are amazed and delighted, and we marvel at the talent and kindness of our friends. We have friends all over the planet, many of whom we have never even met in person. Thank you! Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for your comments on Chickenblog, for sharing your encouragement and thoughts. Thank you for making the time to connect with us. Thank you for making bears and purses, aprons and doll quilts, pincushions and needle books, earrings and necklaces and more. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us... these amazing reflections of your time and skill. Throughout the year we are blessed by kindness that is sweet and unexpected. Amazing.

Last night the children discovered a new delivery of Christmas cheer, in the form of a package from Chapter III. Lesley recently posted about making coasters and I was happy to recall the red fabric she was looking for when we were at a quilt show together. She's made these gorgeous mini quilts, coasters, and she sent us a ribboned bundle. She really raises the bar with these. They are so nicely made and so lovely to look at and hold.

Wait... is that a...?
Yes, my friends know me well!

Lesley also sent us Winter provisions... chocolate! I have had these chocolates once before and I know they are exceptional. William, Alex, Max, Maria and I gasped simultaneously when we saw the box and I immediately declared this box sacred. Too precious for immediate inhaling or hasty consumption. We are going to wait for everyone to be home. For the house to be semi-clean, for a fire in the fireplace, Ave Maria playing on the boombox, candlelight and everyone bathed and lovely... then, and only then, will we reverently and solemnly share this very delicious gift.

I almost wish I were home alone when the box came, but truthfully, I believe good things are even better shared.

In the meantime they ask to smell the chocolates.
I am so nice to oblige them.

Yes, unusual, unexpected and delicious.... even just to smell. We'll post a post chocolate summary soon

Thank you Lesley!


Lesley said...

Awww — you guys!
I couldn't resist just a hint of chicken in those coasters. Chicken glimpses, really!

Laura Jane said...


What a lovely collection of coasters and chocolate!

Mmmm, the smell of good chocolate, even BEFORE you get to enjoy it!

That little red schoolhouse fabric is from my stash all the way in Perth, Natalie! I'm tickled that it is with you!!

tara said...

Stuffed mice? Of course. My bored cat (too cold to go outside) is batting ornaments off my tree. I need to do some stash busting.
That chicken peeping out of the coaster is awesome. Lucky you. But often luck has nothing to do with. Good things come to good people.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Now I know what to make our 3 cats for Christmas! I can't afford ready made gifts. But I have lots of fabric and some catnip in a jar and my sewing machine is sitting just 3 feet away from me. I like the coasters.

Chris said...

Natalie, I love reading your blog so much...everytime! But today was especially fun. I love the mice, I covet the quilted coasters and choclate, especially GOOD chocolate...well what can I say? Your post was just too full of great stuff!

In case I don't get back, I wish you all the Best Holiday ever!


P.S. I've been sharing some vintage Santa cards over at Refining Life.