Monday, December 22, 2008

Una Noche en Mexico... Celebrando

Well, technically speaking we were not in Mexico, and since this is not a political blog, I am taking artistic-cultural license and staying with the birthday theme: A Night In Mexico. We were celebrating my cousin Isaac's 18th birthday. There was an abundance of good humor, good food, good company and gozando... there was plenty to enjoy.

The birthday boy. Here he is playing cowboy and rounding up this stray doggie who wanted desperately to join the party. The dog is too much of a party animal to be trusted among the guests and platters of tamales. My tio kept taking tour groups of sweet children to the room where the doggies were, which made the children and the dogs happy.

I know it was my cousin's big night, but it has to be mentioned that his little cousin, the one in the blue dress, was having very good time.

Found a peanut.

Max and Maria were delighting themselves with the bowl of nuts and use of a nut cracker, which is a bit too much tool for just peanuts, but fun just the same.

She did not skip a beat... and played con gusto right to the end.

The big kids, Isaac's posse, hung out around the PS3, happy to game and chill. The younger children, almost all girls, to Maria's utter bliss, took down this piñata in no time at all!

Dale, dale, dale,
no pierdas el tino;
Porque si lo pierdes
pierdes el camino.

Ya le diste una,
ya le diste dos;
Ya le diste tres,
y tu tiempo se acabó

Smarties, tamarindo, lollipops... bags were filled to the tops!

Maria was thrilled to fill her bag up and the other girls thoughtfully helped her get more than her fair share. The best part is that at this point in her life Maria had even more fun redistributing the candies among all the guests. She shared most of her treats, and then sampled her first taste of Smarties... Pink is my favorite!

William, Alex and Max. Quiet, pensive party-ers.

Arroz, frijoles, tamales, ensalada, chips, salsa... and chocolate cake. Perfection for a brisk December night. With all there was to enjoy, like familia and masa, it's no wonder we got home so late.

Alas, all good things must come to a rest.

Buenas noches.


judy in ky said...

I love seeing your fun family times. And Maria always looks adorable. Thanks for sharing these things with us. They brighten my days!

Frogdancer said...

Looks like a great night!

Merry Christmas!

tara said...

Maria's blue dress is beautiful. What a fun party. What I woudnt have given to taste some of that food. Have any recipes to share?

mtnchild said...

Oh you made me hungry!!! I haven't had SUPER GOOD Mexican food since I lived in LA! How I miss it.

We do have a restaurant here in town that is good, but it is just not quite the same.

Thanks for sharing the party with us, it looked wonderful.


Andylynne said...

Good food good friends, a milestone birthday. Girl cousins to squeal and play. Dogs to pet and young men to ponder life. What a great party!

Laura Jane said...

Looks like a lovely party en familia.

How cute is Maria flaked out at the end? Love her blue dress!

Have a wonderful Christmas Natalie, Geoff, William, Alex, Max and Maria,

from your friend in beautiful sunny and warm Perth, Australia


Mary Smith said...

Wow! What a great experience, and a real pinata in Mexico! Can't get much better than that!! Have a very, very Merry Christmas, if I don't drop around before then!!!
Mary xoxo

Tiglizzyclone said...

Maria looks so sweet in that blue dress. And that last picture of her asleep says it all.

Jennifer said...

And almost time to celebrate another birthday -- what will your heart's desire be? Lovely to see all the wonderful times being shared....

warren said...

That blue dress is awesome! Very pretty. Looks like everyone had a blast! Merry Christmas almost too!