Monday, May 11, 2009

A Really Truly Lovely Day

Do you know what I learned? Let people know what you want, what you like, and then go with the flow and enjoy the ride. At least it worked this time... worked really well. And better still, I made no special requests about breakfast or fresh flowers, but Max and Alex were up at 5:30 in the morning to prepare me a beautiful meal. They put so much thought into their preparations, setting the table, serving hot tea and fresh strawberries, and they beckoned me from bed to the kitchen with home baked chocolate croissants.

William, Alex, Max and Maria did a little shopping too and got me gift cards, so later this week I will be visiting three favorite shops... a delightful way to extend my fun. Max made me a very clever card with a Jacob's Ladder kind of secret opening and a dear message. He was aching all weekend to share it with me and now I am looking forward to him teaching me how to make one, too.

Do I look mellow? We did a lot and yet the pace was easy, relaxed and fun. They made my bed! Twice!! After Geoff cleaned up breakfast some of us took catnaps and some of us took showers and some of us called other Moms and GrandMoms. And when we were good and ready we all went to a favorite nursery, just because.

This place has been an inspiration to me for 14 years and even if we aren't in any position to buy climbing vines and fountains it is worth the visit just to inhale the sea air and blossoms... a heavenly combination. Geoff and Max played chase-hide and seek. Maria and I daydreamed in the playhouse, then explored all the corners and paths. William and Alex paced pensively and enjoyed recalling the times when we used to visit more frequently.

Max played in this little house when he was Maria's age. I think he will be taller than me by the end of summer.

I don't know what it is. I couldn't find the tag. I don't mind if you can tell me, but at the time I was kind of content to just let it be Mystery Twist, an unknown beauty.

Maria chose this petunia and carried it, with unwavering devotion. She wants to add it to the fairy garden. Max and Alex also chose new plants for the fairy garden, which is good, because it's time for re-sprucing our garden in a barrel. Nikkipolani was right to warn us about how fast a tiny garden can change, how soon they will need a complete makeover... I knew she was right... her garden posts sustain me.

In the secret garden are fountains and bits and parts and this and that and I love it. Walking there makes me happy and wishful, the air is charged and fresh. It is invigorating, like the ocean.

After lunch we took the long way home. The long way is by way of a cliff path above the ocean. We followed the old and familiar trail north, then south and then down to the beach...

Can't see her arms? Maybe you can make out the tips of her fingers, clinging her jacket as she hugs herself? She won't hold hands. Nope. She can do it herself, walk on a steep and narrow path. We have an independent and determined girl. Won't that serve her well? Won't that be interesting in years to come? Oh my.

Geoff and I used to take this path when we went to swim and snorkel at The Cove, and yes, even to jump at The Clam.

I've made promises to each of my four children to bring them back here as soon as possible. I think a midweek visit, this time with swimsuits and towels, will be fantastic. The water is still too cold for me, or maybe I could be dared or tempted. If I don't swim, I can still watch for crabs and collect shells and treasures, bury my feet in the gritty sand.

I will be on the lookout for new masks and snorkels in anticipation of beach days.

Max cannot wait for warmer temperatures or fancy gear, not even swim trunks. Fully dressed and under my watchful eye, he went all the way in and loved it.

The best of the day was being with Geoff and William and Alex and Max and Maria.

Like a bird in the sun, I soaked it all up.


Anna Banana said...


Tiglizzyclone said...

Your photos are really nice! Anna Banana said it best! Beautiful!

Laura Jane said...

Looks like a totally lovely day.

Aren't your brood of chicks growing! Maria is really looking like Alex in the last month or so. She will be an independent minded Miss, oh yes indeedy

Much love

mtnchild said...

What a precious gift you received - a day all about YOU.

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful family to enjoy the scenery with.

Lucky you.


warren said...

You def look chilled! Congrats on that! I love your son's fez btw! It's brilliant!

Em said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day - it looked so relaxing, happy, and fun! My day was pretty much the opposite, so I will live vicariously through your photos. I can tell you the plant name you were wondering about if you like... but if you don't want to know, I don't mind.

village mama said...

what a gorgeous day -- your photography always makes me sooo happy. xo