Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mom, This One's For You

In your honor we made a our way to Falafelandia, where everything was nacholy supreme. We raised our smoothies and toasted you and thought beautiful birthday thoughts for you. The children assured us that the tribute would not be complete without ice-cream, so Geoff took them to the counter to choose their favorite flavors.

"Think of your grandma and send her birthday wishes," I told them as I snapped a few pictures.

Maria gave me two bites of her ice cream. I made birthday wishes for you... all about us being together either in Falafelandia or at Foodies, or in some obscenely wealthy-lotto billions scenario where we become co-habitors of a Central California ranchito with full wells, fertile soil, a big barn, a pond, a stream, a few houses, a view to the ocean... you get the picture. There would be room to be together, juntos pero no revueltos.

Like every day, I will be thinking of you and wishing we were together, because I love you. Happy Birthday.


  1. Awesome! I'm celebrating my son's birthday today too - they share a great day!

  2. Sending Happy Birthday wishes as well. :)

  3. Happy Day! Love these ice cream photos... Your boys are looking like young men now, Natalie...and Marie a sweet young lady. Tell them to slow down--LOL! ;o) ((HUGS))

  4. Mmm, that chocolate ice cream looks delicious.... no wonder your son has such a sweet smile on his face.

  5. Have a scoop for me too to celebrate the birthday!

  6. omg0sh. i love ur blog. and~ i luv maria. she's really really cute.

  7. hmmm yummy icecreames...
    nic pics and nic blog
    keep it going

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