Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Chickenblog

For an entire week I could not focus on what to post to my poor neglected blog. It was not due to a lack of subject matter. I think I had reached a point of sensory overload, and this was before we headed to Comic-Con! I have been existing in polar opposite states of mind and emotion, simultaneously, and consequently taking care of a lot of important things and neglecting a lot of important things. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... whatever!

Things are looking up!

There is still tremendous opportunity for sensory overload and even physical exhaustion, as we have begun something new in our lives... something that will certainly require a new Label. It will be a new chapter in Chickenblog.

I can almost hear readers saying, "Spit it out already woman!" But I need to take this slow. I have to mark my words and be sure of myself. You cannot see that my hands shake, that my heart beats a bit faster, that there are fears to suppress. Plus, you try making a separate and momentous announcement in a post about thundering nerds, geeks and comic-book joy... this is hard and weird. I kind of like it though... it gives me something to fiddle around with and hide behind while I subtly and cautiously share our news.

***Geoff read this and said "Everyone's gonna think you are pregnant."
I am not. Or am I? Just kidding. Honest. I really am not pregnant. Not even a little bit.***

Dear Comic-Con, I love you. You are strange and creative, you are the released energy and joy of thousands of talented and enthusiastic souls who gather together to share their passions and labors, their zaniness and zeal. You are overcrowded, loud and offensive. You are inspiring and hilarious. Comic-Con you are fun. Thank you for being your true self. Love, Natalie (Who wants to return next year in her own super-heroine costume.)

From left to right: Spongebob Squarepants, Mister Crabs, Plankton and Emily! Emily is the designer, engineer and builder. Using a very limited supply of LEGO's Duplo blocks she brought these comical characters to life. Regular readers know we are devoted LEGO fans. My views on Spongebob are worthy of a separate post! Emily's creations were awesome and LEGO staff and other Conventioneers were stopping to admire and appreciate her sweet skills. Which brings me to another thing I love about Comic-Con: There are celebrities there and sighting famous people is fun, but the real stars are Emily and the sixty year old woman dressed as AliceIn Wonderland and the guy who made a cape out of a bathroom rug and called himself "Budget Man," a superhero for the economic downturn?! So called "unknowns" steal the show and get to shine when they release their alter-egos on humanity, when they build things and make things and share things in a place that celebrates imagination and skill.

LOL... Maria wasn't sure where to focus, since there are about 42 distractions per square foot! I hope Emily keeps designing and building. I hope she retains her engineering super joy all her life.

Guess who we found!

Okay, so it wasn't too hard to find Waldo, but can you find Stan Lee? I did! Seriously, I am not sure why I recognized this comic book legend. I knew he is the creator of Spiderman and Ironman, but I had to read a bit to learn that he also created Thor, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk! I must be a bigger Geek than I realized.

Ah, here's Ironman now! More fan love... just like Tony Stark, this guy made his iron suit. So cool.

Still BIONICLE fans. Still LEGO enthusiasts. Alex, Max, William and Maria appreciate the set up Lego has at the convention, and so do I. Back home, at Garage Mahal, we have enough bricks to open our own convention and yet there were no objections to hanging out, building, seeing what's new and enjoying the sights and sounds of Lego hoopla.

Spur of the moment contest... a prize to the first person to name these two women... full names and where they appeared! Maria recognized that they were "Pretty and nice," which is why she rushed over to meet them.

Besides walking the convention hall floor, buying robot stickers and having a refreshing lunch at Bondi, we also made sure we got seats to see and hear Ray Bradbury. Legend. He had some stirring and inspiring things to say about life, something he loves, and he also moved me to tears when he spoke about hope. They played footage of Walter Cronkite introducing him and Mike Wallace interviewing him forty years ago, the night of the lunar landing! I loved his passionate beliefs and ideas about education and fostering a love of reading in the youngest children.

I think it was during his talk that I became impassioned myself. Our family has been on a difficult path... one created by circumstances and fate, by our beliefs and choices. We have been waiting to buy a home of our own. We passed on fraudulently absurd loans and homes priced like gold. We endured harsh criticism and unsound advice. And I whined. It's true. Chickenblog has been witness to all of my anger, frustration, grief, embittered wrath, tearful woes and rental rants. Some of it was not nice. All of it was challenging to live through. We have been ripped off and we have been disappointed.

The sore points and the injustices are real and obvious, but something else has been happening. Something silent, yet pervasive. Something hiding out in the open that has been tripping us up and causing incalculable damage... we've learned to be doubtful, suspicious, unhappy, sad and without hope. It's not that we are entirely without hope and happiness, but we have become too accustomed to feeling and acting like victims, to anticipating the next sad event, the next unfortunate outcome. Sometimes this behavior comes in the guise of wisdom and prudence, and experience. So, we have gained a lot of wisdom and prudence and experience and I do not doubt that we made the best choices we could with what was available. But now we need to turn up the hope, believe in the possibility of things turning out good. It is possible that everything, or most things, will be alright. Right? This is going to take practice.

We are in escrow. It just comes out in a whisper. It feels fragile, delicate. Like it could fall apart and blow away. The Blue House may become our home. Very soon I hope to say more, to say it louder and more confidently. This step in the process, on the path, is not easy, because we have grown too accustomed to doubt and trepidation, but we have taken the next step and the next one after that and we are going to keep moving forward and it is possible that everything, or most things, will be alright. Hopefully.

So many readers, friends and family have been beacons of light and hope on this path... thank you. Thank you for kind encouragement and gentle consolations. Thank you for believing this day would come.


nikkipolani said...

ESCROW! Hurrah! Hoping things hold together for you all, Natalie, and that you'll soon be talking about packing and planning and planting and imagining and dreaming. Or maybe you're already doing that :-)

Anonymous said...

Willie Scott - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Marian Ravenwood - Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Finger's crossed for the Blue House to come to fruition!

Michelle said...

First of all... I watch The Big Bang on CBS and they always reference Comic-Com. I have to admit I had no idea it was a real thing! ;) haha! I guess that proves I'm *really cool.* :D

Congratulations on being in escrow! I hope everything goes smoothly and more of your hope is restored! :)

judy in ky said...

I am holding my breath... can't wait to see how this turns out.

campbellgirl said...

I'll be bugging the Allmighty on your behalf. 'The Blue House' just sounds right for you. xxxoooxxx

tara said...

That was the longest post ever. I held my breath. I made myself read every word and not skip ahead to the end (like I do with the books). I was hoping you were going to say what you did end up saying. Did that make sense? I cant cant wait to see everything. Yippee.

Jennifer said...

I've been watching and waiting, expecting this post. Just expecting the post, mind you, and knowing up top what I'd find down at the bottom. Just sayin'. So now I'll just smile and nod and say, 'yup,' and wait to hear more when there's more to tell.

Plus I love that Maria wore her Snowy shirt to Comic-Con.

Laura Jane said...

Adjusts glasses to read the fineprint....holy cow! Did that say ESCROW?

I gather that means the same as 'settlement' here. That an offer has been accepted and your bank is talking to their bank to put affairs in order and hand over the deeds to . The. Blue. House.

Just to spell it out...to savour the enjoyment over slightly fewer paragraphs then YOU did Natalie!


Moving house again, but with a purpose! SOON!

Congratulations all around! NOw if a tap leaks you can DO something about it!!!!!

Marielle said...

First, for a non comic book person who are the two ladies? I'd bug hubby but he's asleep and I'll forget tomorrow.

Second, congratulations on the home! I remember feeling the same way five years ago, pregnant with my first and we were just looking for our first home. It felt very surreal and unsure and even hubby didn't breath a sigh of relief until the lawyer handed us the keys at the closing. Will keep you and your family in my prayers for a smooth deal.

Tracy said...

So much happiness brewing here...very much looking forward to your news, Natalie! :o) In the meantime, loved all the comi fun...wee-hee... Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Missy said...

Whoot whoot! You know what goes good with blue??? chickens ;-) Lifting you in prayer for a smooth uneventful process.


mtnchild said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Escrow, WOW!!!!

(All that said in small voice so as not to jinx it)

Prayers going on for an uneventful transaction.


Sara said...

Good news on the escrow and I am hoping for the best for you and your family!

Wow, you live such a different life from mine....Comi-Con! I am ashamed to admit I never heard of it until your blog recently. Looks like a very lively and intriguing event and now I know a lot more about it thanks to your post.

Blessings and good wishes are winging their way to you...


Teresa Stenson said...

Another Brit who doesn't know what Escrow is but thinks it's probably a good thing, says 'yeah!' and wishes you luck!

warren said...

Heehaw blue house! Keep whispering a bit longer...

the comic-con pics are great! What an awesome looking time!

Andylynne said...

I have been catching up on your blog. Delighted as always, you had a wonderful trip. Now I want to eat in Amsterdam, and I will make sure I have to travel to the deep recess to find the bathroom. No wonder Maria was enchanted. Love the bunnies, and love your naraiton on all the places you saw and loved.
Gods blessings on the "Blue House" I hope all is well with the setteling. Thank you again for letting us share your world.