Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Vacation in Holland

A great deal of Chickens Abroad was devoted to traveling, to big cities and using the metros, to getting from one sight to the next, and navigating busy streets, then squeezing into small hotels. It was great. It was something new, and it was exciting. It does the brain good to learn new words and new contexts and new ways to get from point A to point B. It does the soul good to gaze on art and hear live music and see the stars from a different latitude and longitude. Our bodies were rewarded too, with all day excursions and market place berries, fresh bread, great cheese. Big active cities are amazing and full of opportunity, and the energy exchange... you give as much as it takes!

After London and Paris and Bruxelles we felt savvy and sophisticated (ahem) We also felt just a teeny bit frazzled. We were ready to welcome a new flavor of Europe, and we got exactly that when we pulled into Rabbit Hill. I'd booked the reservation and seen the website, so I knew we were going to be staying in a family friendly, all inclusive place, in a natural setting, but with all the conveniences a traveling clan craves. And there would be rabbits... wild ones is what I figured... a lot of bunnies hopping in and out of the woods.

"Rabbit Hill" is a rabbit hill and the sight of hundreds of bunnies living in thumper harmony, lazing, bouncing, nibbling, hopping and grazing together was hilarious and unexpected and delightful. There was every age, size, breed and temperament living together in a giant enclosure, with broad and shady trees and a real warren... like you may have read about in "Watership Down" or "Rabbit Hill." Seeing the rabbits was just the beginning of our vacation... the restful, slowdown, take it easy, relax, play, breath easy vacation.

As much as negotiating a big city is a new experience for us, quiet days in the woods and bowling-swimming-pedaling is unique too. Here in Garage Mahal we are between zones... neither big city nor country-woodsy. We don't have pool access or metro access. We have traffic and only one rabbit. We'd been bowling once, but not since 1999 have we had a vacation with everything made easy and fun.

May You be blessed with a vacation made easy and fun. It is wonderful.

Why I liked loved staying in a Landal GreenPark

Indoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Indoor Playgrounds
Petting Zoos
Grocery Store
Mini (Midget!) Golf
Thoughtfully equipped cabins
Friendly staff
Options and amenities
Unbelievably comfortable beds
Internet in the flat screen TV
Children's programs
Intelligent design
Cold Beer
Super fun
Like, totally awesome

*Some day I may win the lottery. (Some day I may play the lottery.) When I win, I am offering a Landal GreenPark vacation to family and friends. Honest. It's on me. Restaurant Bazar is less than 2 hours away. This really could happen. Be ready!


Missy said...

oh, wonderful fun photos! That bunny laying w/ his legs spread out...too cute! And your sweet little chicks in sweet harmony w/ each other. thanks for sharing.

nikkipolani said...

BUNNIES! Lots and lots of fuzzy shaggy dapple-y bunnies! They look like they are loving it there - who knew there was such a place :-)

Tonia said...

OMG! OMG! Bunnies are the best, (along with chickens, cats, dogs, etc...) I used to have a house rabbit, Chloe was her name. I have to go there, Natalie! When we went to visit Jack's parents in England, we went to the Donkey Sanctuary and it was amazing. I think the next time we go we'll have to jump over to Holland and visit Rabbit Hill. Great pics! I love Maria's outfits, comfy and stylish.

mtnchild said...

I you win the lottery - me, me, pick ME (please) - I'd love to visit such a peaceful place.

Lovely place to rest during your whirlwind tour of Europe.


tara said...

Oh.My.Gosh. How cute are those bunnies!! I love the bunny with the one ear up.

Tracy said...

Hi, Natalie! Just LOVING all these photos...sooo sweet! And those bunnies...oh, that place looks like heaven! Thanks for taking us here... ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

It sure looks like a lot of fun. I love all the happy smiles!

Emily said...

i haven't checked your blog for months (i have no idea why--i'm blaming lack of sleep muddling my head) and was delighted to come back and be able to read all about your european adventure in one fell swoop! this place looks FABULOUS!!! thanks so much for posting about it, i've bookmarked it for a future vacation. oh my goodness, my kids would be in heaven!