Monday, August 24, 2009

Making Lemonade

Some of you thoughtfully inquired about the Blue House. Here is a new sneak peek.
1. I think we may need a real name for this Blue House... we seem to be making progress!
2. We have seen great highs and great lows, and you should thank me for sparing the blog all of the drama and anxious episodes.
3. Lemons, figs, roses and Torrey Pines.
4. We know what to do when life gives us lemons!


Andylynne said...

Good luck on the house,lemons make wonderful fun. And you above all will make it work. Every time you say the "Blue House" I must confess I think, Dream of the Blue Turtle. Not a house name but it comes to mind . You and your family will make it your own when the time is right. Blue house, dreams of the sky and light. Maybe the resting place of chicken dreams tooooooo :)

Sara said...

What a lovely combination of flora! You can make fig preserves with the figs and the lemons, and enjoy the fragrance of the roses in pretty vases in the house. And...Torrey pines - how that is special!

Happy to hear progress is being made, despite the ups and downs. I think that's pretty normal for buying a house these days.

warren said...

Oh, to have a lemon tree in my back yard...make lemonade indeed!

Tracy said...

So glad your house dream come true and closer each week, Natalie! :o) The good thing is that lows don't last forever, that the highs returns...and there is always, always lemonade to be made! ;o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Laura Jane said...

Lemons, roses, figs and pines

Sounds like a Dream House, a Reward house

Anna Banana said...

Fig house? What's wrong with Blue House? Does it sound sad? House of Blues? Already taken. Never mind, just get yourselves in there. Have a super day today!

helen said...

Blue Villa