Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Love All The Pretty Nines

I admit, I like numbers. I like it when the digital clock reads 1:23 or even better: 12:34! I like it when numbers make patterns or when they appear in an order that triggers a happy memory, a birthday or anniversary. The significance I apply to numbers is really only about the novelty or prettiness. I did not think Y2K meant anything more than a cool new year, a change from all those 1900s I was accustomed to. We created numbers, dates and minutes; systems for keeping order and categorizing the things in our world. Calendars aren't even universal or particularly accurate... just ask any kid born on February 29th! Anyway, 09/09/09... well, I think it looks really cool and it's fun to say and tonight for less than a second we will be aware of a unique accounting figure... when it will be 9 seconds after the ninth minute, after the ninth hour, on the ninth day of the ninth month, in the year oh-9! It calls for a home cooked meal, maybe dessert, or a walk on the beach and a splash in the seventy-four degree Pacific!

Mom and I had a midday break on the bluffs. A little lunch, a little breeze and a whole lot less heat than last week. What a relief! I plan on downloading all the beautiful pictures she's been taking and then posting them here on Chickenblog. I'll take all the credit and glory. She will be the honored guest photographer.

We've been riding our own kind of waves with all the house ups and downs... and honest, I am not trying to belabor the point, but the waves do keeping coming! Don't worry, I am still standing and I think my humor is intact. Dude. It's totally gnarly.

Paranoid-superstitions... every time I make real progress with packing, we have an escrow setback. There could be a connection. I may try unpacking today, just to see what happens. I have also thought of ordering checks, personal stationary and address labels for Garage Mahal... to ensure that escrow closes on the Blue House and we get to leave our rental palace!

Before 09/09/09, we had 09/08/09 and that is a date I will always remember. On September 08, 2009, our family had four children in four different schools. We are spanning an academic spectrum of grades. It is quite an accomplishment. Last night I had a moment's relief as I reflected on the day. I sighed and thought: I did it! And then I remembered that I would have to do "it" again, and again and again! Until June, 2010. It's a bit early to be taking a bow, or looking for accolades.


CrazyCris said...

that's funny, I just posted too about my love for the 090909 phenomenon! :o)

aren't numbers just plain fun?!

Susan said...

Hi Natalie!

I love numbers and number patterns, too! I thought I was the only...ahem...weirdo! :) I especially love number palindromes on my odometer, or at the checkout counter. Wonder why we're like it because we like order in things?

Anyway, today is my daughter Aimee's birthday and she was born on 9/9/81...Square Root Day! There was even an article about it in the newspaper the day she was born. I clipped it and put it in her baby book. My oldest son was actually born on Labor Day 9/1/75. Did I say that I love numbers? :)

nikkipolani said...

I was just thinking that I missed an opportunity to publish a post at 9 minutes after 9am this morning. Ah well. I shall look forward to your seeing your world through your mom's artistic eye.

judy in ky said...

I am fascinated and amused by numbers, too. My favorite palindromic number is 21712. My dad called it the "magic number" but we never figured out why. Maybe one of your smart family members can figure it out.
When I am in my car I always listen to 91.7. When we are driving and the clock says 9:17, I always flip it back and forth from radio to clock just to see the matching numbers... my husband thinks I am nuts!

the Provident Woman said...

I have to say. I love numbers and patterns too. I'm a through and through math geek. Or so my husband says.

And I'm not saying you are one. It's cool to like numbers and patterns and I just ignore my husbands remarks.

Anna Banana said...

Can't stand the suspense, will escrow close as planned? Or is it 666? WF is priti, good omen.

Mary Smith said...

Gorgeous photos, your mom has talent!

warren said...

Well...waves are better than tsunamis

Tracy said...

Fun with the numbers... And you mom is clever with a camera. :o) Happy Days to you all, Natalie ((HUGS))