Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phase One :: Day Two

Other than the many light loads I've made during the week, yesterday marked the official start of mission impossible our big move.

I am calling this Phase One.
Phase One is all about everything in the yard moving from GarageMahal to the Bird House.
Everything, including:

the table
wheel barrow
potting table
a rabbit

even her, Lady Betty Oprington.

We started yesterday, and even with some minor setbacks (like the truck we reserved not being actually available...) we still managed to make a good sized dent in the job. Unfortunately, "good sized" does not equal "all done" or "almost all done" or "nearly there." Oh man. Why can't "good sized dent" = "almost done?"

It's not just that there is a lot to move, it's that a lot of it needs to be de-spidered. No matter how often I brush and sweep throughout the year, those spiders, the shiny black ones with the decorative red stamped bellies, keep coming back.



I am bolstered by all of your sweet-sweet comments and encouragement. It is so much fun to feel like you are celebrating with us. Thank you.

We are going to keep brushing, sweeping, stacking, sorting, lifting and hauling, we are going to get all of the tools, and flowers and vases and spades and the hutch and the coop and the stuff moved over...


Then on to Phase Two. Amen.


judy in ky said...

So exciting! Yes, we are celebrating with you. It's wonderful to see your dreams coming true. So glad that you are sharing it with us!

Jennifer said...

What a slice of heaven it looks, that Bird House! How sensible to move bit-by-bit, and to get her ladyship settled amongst the things she knows (and loves?).

CrazyCris said...

that's a beautiful photo! looks like she's hugging that chicken... ;o)

good luck, moves are usually a major headache...

Julie said...

It's exciting, knowing you're going to have such a lovely home after wanting it for so long! Good for you! :) It won't be long!

Tiglizzyclone said...

I like that photo of Maria with the chicken! I hope that they take the move well!

mtnchild said...

Oh yes, we are celebrating with you!

In your blogging years since selling the ranch, you have been happy, sad, frustrated, irritated and pissy. Yes pissy!!! LOL We have all stood by you, and now we still stand by you and celebrate too!

When you finally settle in, we all want to be invited to a B-B-Q!!!

I am so happy for you, you would think it was me moving into the Bird House.

Many hugs and much Love,

Tarie said...

God bless your moving!!! *hugs and kisses and love*

Chicken said...

horay.. it need celebrated .. i'm so happy for you ..
ouw .. and who was that little cute girl ?? that's so cute when she hold the chicken ... soo adoreable .:D

dewatobay said...

every picture shows a little more heaven - but Maria with the chicken is to die for!

happy zombie said...

I am soooooo out of the loop and kick myself for taking so long to catch up. I had to do a lot of scrolling and some Evelyn Wood speed reading to see your move. I love your new home and love that life is good. Home is EVERYTHING and I'm so glad you're in your new home. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'm going to give myself a few hours of me time next week. All I'm going to do is spend a few hours catching up on your blog!