Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forget the Turkeys, I Need Help

Update :: I read all of your suggestions, after painting the bench red. The primer looks very promising and when the final color goes on, I think it will be what I wanted. In case I didn't make myself clear: This was only about those benches, and now they pop with their warm cranberry-rose shade. Thank you for playing. Pictures soon.::

Put down your cookbooks and mini marshmallows. I am face to face with a real life paint crisis.
The crisis is: In real life I do not enjoy the stress-anxiety-responsibility of choosing paint colors.
I recognize a wrong choice, but I am not immune from making the wrong choice.
Help me Santa.
Paint fairies?
Friends, wise counselors?

Okay. Here is what we have, and your job is to advise me where to go...
paint wise.

This is the very best of the Bird House blue. Most times and in most light it does not look this bright, this perky.
I wish it did. I like this trick of my camera, that the blue came out so energetic and decidedly blue.

This is a slightly sadder version of what the blue typically looks like. It goes a bit drab, a bit gray.
Where are my good camera battery and charger? I cannot believe these two pictures were taken in the same place and time. One is facing north and the other south... it makes a difference I guess.

So, around the corner from the entry is where I need to paint. But first take a moment to admire the beach pebble set down over the new drainage pipes. The objective was to keep plants, mud, ponds, creeks and salmon from living against the foundation and siding.

Note: Those round pavers are abundant here and I have been moving them around the yard and making very good use of them. I am prone to making good use of materials on hand. I did struggle with the decision a little bit, because they are slightly not super pretty. "Function, paid for, and easy" won my heart in the end. So, yesterday at the garden center I went looking for five more... I only need a measly five more to finish the path to the door. The guys at the garden center rolled their fancy eyes and said, "Oh those. Yeah, we don't carry those anymore. Nobody wants them. Except you," chuckle, chuckle.

I want to know what color to paint the benches.

It needs primer for sure. That dry wood is going to suck up primer like Gatorade at the Super Bowl. After primer comes color. Help. Seriously. I want to enjoy choosing, but I feel so split, so wishy-washy.

Alright. I am sorry if you were doing something important, if I interrupted yoga or delayed you from leaving a comment on PW's blog... something that actually matters. But I know some of you enjoy this kind of thing. Some of you are good at this. Left to my own whimsy, this bench could get painted red, and after Christmas, I could come to regret my seasonal inspiration.

I did consider matching the shutters, but I am not too crazy about the gun metal gray and dark benches would not feel welcoming in the hot summer months.

The house is trimmed in white, which would stay cool and coordinate and... get dirty easy and quick.

Yesterday's post was so much more interesting and meaningful. I do hope you got a chance to read about this wonderful South African artist, but if you didn't, please help me first, before you follow the link. In twenty minutes I am going back to garden/home center to buy paint. Those fancy guys are going to roll their eyes at me again when I leave the store with a gallon of Christmas Red paint.


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Very cool those beach rocks next to the house. It's always best not to have vegetation right next to the foundation because they'll attract termites. Ugh!

I like the color of the rocks as well ... such a pretty dark bluish grey. What if you did the bench in two colors? Trim the sides and the bottom support pieces in the darker blue grey. Then pain the flat section, where you actually sit, in a lighter grey blue.

While I do like lots of contrast - ie: yellow next to the blues and greys; I think that you'll be happier if you add those contrasts with painted pots, plants. And in the summer time you can put out some weather resistant pillows. Oooh, I can see it now, can't you?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

warren said...

I really like a yellow house when done properly...like this one:
Yellow House

Jessie said...

that blue you have when bright is gorgeous! looks so nice. but the idea of a yellow house with white painted wood/benches sounds really nice too :)

judy in ky said...

I would leave the house blue and paint the benches yellow... such a bright, cheery color for the summer, and would look pretty with flowers closeby.

Jo James said...

I think a nice sunny buttery yellow would be pretty.

helen said...

why not paint them black or yellow then have the kids do some unique art work on them....you could paint a christmas theme and then after christmas start over and repaint with a new theme. Too much to ask? hehe

tara said...

I missed the boat on that call for help. Good to hear you got some answers.

Laura Jane said...

I too am plumping for buttery yellow.

Or I am also a fan of seagreen, or pistachio green too.

Just resist the christmas red.

mtnchild said...

Yup, I was thinking of a butter yellow too.

Accent pots painted red - will that cure your Christmas red glare??? LOL And all sorts of flowers with all the colors will really cheer it all up.


lusks said...

I would go for a very good yacht varnish after treating the wood and keep them natural, that way you could add colour with pots and plant around and change the colours for the seasons. Also some brightly coloured cushions would ease the derriere on a summer's day. Love what you are doing to the garden.

warren said...

It occurs to me that I may have been swayed by my love of the color of honey...if you decide not to go with yellow(though I can't imagine why yoou would), I think you should paint each board a rainbow color in repeating order...red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet...repeat

just another thought...

Simone said...

I wouldn't go with the yellow lots of the readers are suggesting. Too mellow, too undecisive. I very much agree with lusks - keep it natural, add colour with fabrics, pots, flowerbeds, splash out on those benches. And Judy - I agree there too. Keep it blue, floaty, eary. Then add warmth by choosing a deep colour for the benches. Like hazel, or chocolate brown (mmm, chocolate..)

Anonymous said...

A nice shade of blue is so pretty - every one has a yellow house but blue makes you stand out. When I lived at home my mother painted the garage door blue and it made everyone use it as a reference point in the street. The colour difference is due to the yellow of the sun pulling out the colour in the blue - go into your local lowes and ask for some small samples and paint a little square on each side of the colours you like then make a decision. also helps with the shadow and sun light fade issues... Don't follow anyone elses ideas - follow your gut.

Peaches said...

I would sand a clear sealer. It is cleaner and last longer.

Tracy said...

The "perfect" blue & white trim--and even white benches!--wins me over! :o) I see many friends here a saying yellow... I'm not much of a yellow girl--a very, very pale yellow, maybe... Yup, blue & white--LOL! Eager to know what your choice will be... In the meantime, wishing you & yours a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday and weekend! :o) ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

Warm cranberry-rose... sounds much more inviting than RED!