Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's no use screaming at a time like this

"It's no use screaming at a time like this.
Nobody will hear you.
Help! Help!"-The Scarecrow

Our own Dorothy has grown up since the last time she appeared, but she's as cute as ever and probably even more delighted to be wearing ruby slippers than when she was one year old. I may have even improved on my last attempt at making a pattern and sewing a Dorothy dress.

Fortunately, Maria is easily pleased and did not seem too disappointed about our low key celebration. Alex slept feverishly all day. Geoff is almost as sick as Alex. Max is relapsing a bit. William and I are on the mend. But none of us were up for parties or even pumpkin carving. We missed the annual party at Holly and Rich's place. We missed trick or treating almost... Maria and I walked to 3 houses and came home with one dear piece of chocolate. We watched Disney's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and kind of raided the candy we had for passing out. Only three children came to our door and they came at once... this might not be one of those big draw kind of neighborhoods. At least no one actually screamed, but we are definitely feeling the need of a Glinda intervention... a little deus ex machina if you will.

On second thought... we aren't ready to surrender. We have brains and courage and plenty of heart.

It's November. I cannot believe it's November. If I look back and lament all the time it took to get to this place, I can feel overcome with sadness and frustration, but looking ahead, I feel eager and hopeful... so forward!


  1. Hope you all had a very Spooktacular Halloween, Natalie... Maria is the sweetest Dorothy every... Oh, those ruby slippers! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon so you can really enjoy your new home. It sounds perfect. And just think, it's all yours!

  3. A perfect Dorothy, Natalie. And I do hope you are all on the mend and at your 100% cheerfulness soon.

  4. I'm sorry you guys are still battling illness. I hope you're allowing your own self time to rest now and then...Your Dorothy is as adorable as ever. Her cuteness is always a good reason to smile.

    Thanks again for the idea of playing with my pancake batter. I cannot seem to stop myself now. I even purchased a squeeze bottle which has made the process even more fun. It didn't make me any more skilled, it's just more fun. I still don't know how your hencakes turn out so perfectly. You are an artist and I am in pancake awe.

  5. SO adoreable. And what a little ham.

    Sweetfern Handmade

  6. Maria is cute in that Dorothy outfit! You were lucky to only get three children. We had 70 here.

  7. We, too, had exactly 3 trick-or-treaters, so as always we bought candy WE really like. I do hope everyone is feeling lots and lots of better, soon.

  8. What a pretty Dorothy!
    I hope you all are better. No fair being sick on Halloween! :(

  9. Forward indeed...the sooner we get November and subsequent moths over with, the sooner we'll be back into summer...

    btw, it must be nice to not really have winter...lucky bums


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