Friday, November 20, 2009

A Turkey A Day :: Day Three

More turkey hands, but this time they fan together to make a turkey tail. We love our very own garden variety Torrey pine cones.

Today I am thankful for humor: Jokes, the good and bad ones, absurdity, puns, nonsense, wit, observations, randomness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me laugh. I find humor in a lot of situations, from many different sources, but I must make special mention of my brother, Bill.

Dear Bill, you are so very, very funny. And I see that you are sharing your sweet, twisted, and daring style with your son. The legacy lives on. Long live ¡Memo Libre!

(I did get permission to post this image and if you don't want it on the World Wide Interwebs then you will have to come here and make me take it down. Or pay me. Your choice.)


~KQ~ said...

two magnificent photos, the spirit of which is not lost on this viewer. Please thank your brother for my morning chuckle!

warren said...

AWESOME! That is a seriously bold move! I can't stop chuckling at the pic!