Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Big Bowl of Comfort

This is the spicy, hot, flavorful, rich, nourishing and delicious soup that was brought to my door on Friday. Friday was turning in to one of those days marked by pain, embarrassment, and disappointment, but Karen caught me from free falling in to the Perilous Pit of Pity. It did not reverse the farces of evil that kept me from celebrating Christmas Moms' Night Out, but it came unexpectedly and with a hug and Karen's encouraging smile and that made the biggest difference in the world. I felt the love, I felt the support and I felt the yum...
mmmm that was good soup.

Later, a second visitor ensured that I stayed well clear of the Perilous Pit of Pity. Seriously, we have got to keep clear of the PPP... it moves around, can sneak up on you and it's mean. But like I said, I had another visitor. Anne came with huge stash of MNO gifts... eat-ables and wear-ables and a beautiful little handmade handbag, a movie pass and a coffee pass. I made her describe Josie's menu, which sounded fabulous... no surprises here. Anne shared the news and fresh fruit and she assured me that the red bench came out fine. Maria found us in the garden and joined us for hugs and chatting.


There may be something to this... to these simple pleasures and kind gestures. I do wish I were all recovered and perky and able to conquer everything on the Holiday Extravaganza Wish List, but visits from friends, a bowl of hot soup, a chance to listen and talk... these have been very nice moments in this season of light. A good reminder to myself to lighten up, to ease off on trying to be everywhere, doing everything.

Yesterday I did a small photography job for a friend, something that may take some stress out of her holidays. Today I am visiting Max's school to help with an art project. Our tree has only lights, so far. That's okay. I may be ordering fruit baskets and having them shipped instead of flying around the malls and post office... that's okay too, right? My goal is to get healthy, stay healthy, enjoy Christmas moments, make heartfelt gestures, keep light, calm and merry, and find out where Karen got that soup.


~KQ~ said...

one year we put all the lights on the tree, and - while admiring the beauty of evergreen and small white lights - shrugged and said (in essence) "can't beat perfection" and left it like that all season. It truly was beautiful. :)
And yes, fruit baskets are a lovely, lovely gift.
Be well soon!

judy in ky said...

You have wonderful friends! You are very fortunate.

Tracy said...

How lovely... and the soup is beautiful! Eat, be snug, and be well soon! :o) ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

"get healthy, stay healthy, enjoy Christmas moments, make heartfelt gestures, keep light, calm and merry"

-- and that, Charlie Brown, is what Christmas is all about! PLUS the soup! I'm so sorry that you've been so laid up but am delighted that we both seem to be sharing that turning point of realizing that the holidays will be what they can best be. Lots of love to you!

Chris said...

Yummy! Soup is a favorite around her any time of year.

Your plan for the season is just right. I wish you and your fab family all the best!


mtnchild said...

I had a boss once that when I got frazzled at work would tell me "you can't please everyone all the time, so don't even try". Do what you can, enjoy the doing, and let others pitch in too!

I give you a gigantic cyber hug:



ps: Find out about that soup! It look like something I could eat a lot of! I hope it's a recipe since I can't get a lot of things in my small town.

Mama Spark said...

I think we need the recipe for that soup! I hope you are feeling better and stay FAR away from the PPP!!!