Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bare Root Season
Oh the fruits. The fruits. The miraculous fruits. Last week we paid a visit to the nursery, where they had signs posted announcing the imminent arrival of stone fruits and other bare root trees and shrubs. Roses too, but I already have more than I can handle there. Of course *having more than I can handle* does not instruct me in an appropriate course of non-action... no, I have too much going on and I am taking on even more. Because the fruits, oh the fruits, the miraculous fruits... they have arrived and they want to come home with me!

If the gophers could read they would be as eager and excited as I am, but I have plans to foil their feast. Back when we were Jolly Green Ranchers I learned that tight wire baskets dropped in the planting hole kept vicious pocket gophers from spoiling all our fun. Even here, the battle of the gopher is still being fought, with deadly accuracy I am happy to add. Baskets are right now being assembled. Many hands make light work... such a lovely truth.

Such a lovely barrier. One more screen at the bottom and we will keep our trees safe and sound.

Alex and Maria were with me at the nursery and were we ever astounded at the variety of trees and plants. The delicious possibilities are greater than I had hoped. Pear, three apple varieties, several plums, an apricot, and nectarine, pomegranate, persimmon, and figs. There were also cherry trees, varieties of berries, including blue, black and rasp.
Mouth watering.

Mom and I have discussed grapes, and I will be on the lookout for those too. In the meantime our family is weighing the options, discussing the merits of each choice. Apple and cherry are the two favorites, and Maria would very much like to have a "black apple tree..." she was eager to bring home the tree with the picture of a dark, luscious Santa Rosa plum as soon as possible.

It's too drizzly to prune the roses, a task that keeps facing delays. At least I have some heavy gloves and fresh lopers. The drizzle is not keeping us from digging holes though. Five holes are ready for those baskets, and when Geoff and I figure out where else we want trees, I think we will dig more holes. A lot of fruitless, dull, water sucking shrubs are going to have to make some kind of appeal to me or face the axe.

Poor Benjamin. As though fancy hooded rats aren't torment enough, now he has to be on the lookout for the gopher he fears dug this hole.


  1. The fruit dreams are delicious, and the hard work that is going to make it all a reality is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the new trees planted and then, before we know it, bearing fruit!

  2. I'm fascinated to see the complex prep and meshing you use - good luck with it, although I would just caution you to not plant so many trees that you compromise the light in the house. Just sayin....

    And a BIG thumbs up to the Santa Rosa plum. It took ours a few years to bear but O. M. G. They are each utter jewels of fruit perfection. Heavy and juicy and sweet and delicious and exploding in your mouth. Heavenly! Ours have just finished this week :( we count each one and stand under the tree urging them to ripen, then eat them warm from the sun.


  3. You are so lucky! I hope you have great success with the fruit trees. I have always wanted was a small fruit orchard! Especially some cherry trees. Unfortunately I can't do it here!

  4. This is very interesting and exciting, Natalie! That mesh preparation is fascintating... Can't wait to see more! Nothing like picking the fruit and veggies from one's own back yard...*sigh*...bliss! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  5. Such a miraculous place where you live... our ground is frozen solid!
    Your blue house looks lovely... and it's all yours! So wonderful, Natalie.

  6. Oh the pies ... the pies ... you will let me know when you bake a pie, I will even supply the coffee or tea, and the whipped cream ... !!!

    Living here in the pine forest, there is not enough sunlight in steady doses, and there are way too many deer to make growing fruit a possibility. So sad...

    Hugs to you all,

  7. Pocket gophers are the devil's spawn!

    Okay, so that may be a bit overstated, but they are little devils, aren't they?

    I love your solution. We've been using the spikes that emit an electronic noise every few seconds, with some success. Last year's garden was all in containers. I'm planning to plant "in ground" this year. Good luck to me.

    Our local nursey has fruit & nut trees for sale. I have 40 almond that have been here for 30 some years, but I want a peach and an espaliered apple tree, at least!

    Love watching you "nest"!


  8. Oh, the anticipation! No wonder it's so hard to choose. It looks like you have wonderful diggers at your house -- wonder if might lend them out...


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