Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20-Something

Very cold.
Well, not "very" compared with all points east and north of here.
But for us... very cold.

Between storms.
Between loads of laundry.
Between drop-off and pick-up.

After Christmas.
Before Geoff's birthday.

Raindrops on roses.
On unpruned roses.
Roses bright as the sun that is not shining.
Raindrops and puddles and mud,
and roof tiles all over the lawn.
Raindrops on the bathroom floor, below the leak.

Betty layed leid laid lathed left gave an egg.

After school, before homework is spread across our table, we will indulge in a Betty-Brownie confection,
so I must remember to grab some milk at the market.
And I must remember to bring Pepper's Ghost to William.
And I must remember to file one more school bulletin announcement for robotics.
And I must remember to... hmmm... something I've already forgotten.
I must not forget to take the brownies out of the oven.

I am so far behind in the list of forgottens, that lately I have felt like raising a white flag.
I surrender, I cry.
Because I suspect that I am in over my head.

It's going to rain again.
I am not sure the shelter over Betty and Joe's house is going to make it through the next storm.
Did you hear there were tornados in California?
Betty and Joe could have wound up in Oz.

Yeah. Now I am just avoiding.
I know.
Back to the laundry.


Mary Smith said...

Cute post! Love the photo of the rose! Stormy for California and surprizingly it was a bit sunny here! Back to that laundry we go!:)

Tracy said...

Oddly enough I'm avoiding the laundry this afternoon too, Natalie! Much rather linger here at you cozy new house... Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

And did you have a happy birthday (before moving on to celebrate Geoff's)?

tara said...

Giggle. I am sitting on a couch surrounded by 3 loads of need to be folded laundry. Ugh.
My chickens have decided it is Spring and started laying again. I didnt notice until there were 40 eggs hidden in 2 piles. Oops.